Boning Up

Yesterday, we went to get our camper back from the repair shop. It went in sometime in June or July, I think. It was finally done just before Christmas. I’ve been putting off retrieving it since then. As much of a pain in the ass, it was to park at our old house, which’s worse here. However, somehow I managed to have fewer problems this time. We were both pretty tired by the time we got home.

After dinner, though, we got our second wind and were able to have some fun. I put off Lion’s spanking until today, so I’d have the energy to play with him. He said he was horny. I thought maybe he’d have an orgasm…after I’d edged him a few times, of course. Unfortunately, Mr. Weenie had other ideas. We were leading up to the edge, and then we weren’t. I teased Lion that he’d forgotten to take his boner pills. He said he wouldn’t have gotten hard at all without them. We don’t know why he lost it.

I thought maybe he’d been looking forward to his spanking and when I put it off, he wasn’t as turned on. Lion said he definitely wasn’t looking forward to getting his butt whomped. However, I’d alluded to a play spanking in a post. Could he have been waiting for it? The play spanking was put on hold because he earned a punishment spanking. But if he had his mindset on it, couldn’t that have caused a problem? I’m really just looking for any reason. Grasping at straws.

I suppose what I’m looking for is a simple reason. It would be much easier if Lion just needed to eat more fish or change to boxers or eat more fish and change to boxers. I doubt it’s that simple, though. Nope. The problem probably stems from the furlough and COVID and lack of money and lots of other things all rolled up into one neat big ball that we can’t change easily. But I’m not giving up. I’ll do whatever I can to help Lion, even if all I can do is be here.