One of the most frequently asked questions about male chastity is whether the penis can shrink from being locked in a chastity device? The simple answer is that it probably won’t. That doesn’t mean your penis stays as proud and tall as it did when you were twenty. It won’t.

Time is the enemy. As we age, our bodies change. One unfortunate change is that erections lose stiffness. Penis shrinkage isn’t so much a change in the physical structure of your cock. It’s less blood flow filling the spongy tissue that makes a penis stand tall.

There are other factors. Smoking and obesity also strongly impact erections. Both change the hormone balance that controls getting stiffies. I’ve read that being fat reduces testosterone levels, making the penis lose some stiffness.

Even if you hit the gym and live a clean, tobacco-free life, you will still lose stiffness with age. None of these factors include wearing a male chastity device. As far as I can tell, there have been no studies on the effects of long-term wear of erection-suppressing hardware. Lots of bloggers have theories that boil down to “use it or lose it.” There is absolutely no hard evidence that is true.

Common sense dictates that periodic erections do let the ol’ weenie stretch. It can’t hurt to let it grow hard every so often. Bear in mind, no evidence staying caged will damage your ability to get it up when needed.

Mrs. Lion has made it a habit of unlocking me every other day for exercise. She teases me to the edge a few times and then locks me back up. She does this to keep me horny. It also gives the weenie a chance to stretch.

I’ve noticed a loss of stiffness over the years. When Mrs. Lion gets me very aroused, the stiffness increases (along with the length). Boner pills, like generic Cialis or Viagra, help a lot. has coupons for these drugs that make them very affordable. You need a prescription, so consult your doctor. Stay away from the so-called “natural” boner pills. They are untested and potentially dangerous.

I take 20mg generic Cialis and get absolutely great results. I may have lost a little stiffness and length, but the fun remains the same.

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  1. This message probably isn’t going to fascinate you but sometimes you just HAVE to tell someone and I have chosen to tell you! You have permission to roll your eyes if you want. ?

    Mrs Luthor and I have decided to take the next step in our DD relationship – she has ordered a cock cage from Amazon and I’m looking forward to having her lock me up. Getting “firm” won’t be a problem for me as it happens very rarely.

    I really appreciate reading about your experiences!

    Kind regards,

    Lexical Luthor (aka Jim)

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