Nothing very exciting happened yesterday. We watched the end of one football game. Since our teams (I’m counting the Seahawks as our team although Lion might disagree) are all out of the running, we don’t much care who wins. We’ll watch the Super Bowl because it’s usually a good game even if we don’t like either team. For the record, I’m rooting for the Bills for now. They’re the last New York team left even though Lion says they aren’t really from New York because they’re on the other end of the state. Who wants to tell him both the Giants and Jets play in New Jersey?

When it came time to have some happy Lion time, he said he wasn’t really up for it. I’m sure I could have gotten him up for it, but I don’t want to force him when he’s not interested. However, if I don’t push him he’ll say I don’t want to play. With this in mind, I think if he doesn’t want happy Lion time by tomorrow night, I might just have to force him. Perhaps IcyHot and Velcro will be needed. Just sayin’.

Just before we went to bed, we were watching a sitcom and one of the characters was going through peri-menopause. What? Aren’t you either in menopause or not? Is it like a training bra? You start out with practice menopause and then, for the big game, you have full-fledged menopause? I don’t remember any lead up. I just remember feeling like I was cooking from the inside out and then it was done. Anyway, the talk turned to less of sex drive after menopause and Lion said that’s what happened to me. And right after that he said being married to him caused my lack of sex drive. Time out. Flag on the play. I was married to him for a long time before I lost my sex drive. If he was the problem, wouldn’t I have lost it before menopause hit? I don’t think he’s the problem at all. But he feels bad because he thinks he is, and that makes me feel bad. So here we are, two people who feel bad about something we can’t do a damn thing about. Pathetic, isn’t it?

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  1. Physically I’m all but “done-in” but mentally my brain is sexually active. That makes me think of Woody Allen in a movie – I think his character was talking to a psychiatrist- “My brain??” he exclaimed.. “That’s my second favourite organ!”

    Mrs Luthor is sweet and kind just like Mrs Lion. She is through the menopausal thing too. I think that this could be why I have attempted to revitalise the DD in our relationship and I like it that she’ll use spanking / whipping for discipline. I’m like Mr Lion in that I like being disciplined by Mrs Luthor but I don’t enjoy the act of being spanked. It’s VERY sore!

    Love reading your blogs. Good luck with your new book Mr Lion! And keep up the good work Mrs Lion – I’m sure you know what I mean. ?

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