Sleeping Through Punishment

When Lion is due for a punishment, I usually give it to him before I take my shower. I figure he’ll have that long to recuperate and a while later we can have some fun. However, last night he was snoozing off and on through Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. He was also snoozing when I went to take my shower. I decided to let him snooze. Obviously he was tired. I can always whomp him today.

When it was time to play, I decided to have some clothespin fun. Of course, Lion doesn’t necessarily consider it fun. That’s because I find all those “good” spots that he’d rather I miss. And, when I know I’ve hit a good spot, I flick and pull the clothespin so it hurts even more. He usually gets pretty hard so I know he’s not really in too much pain. Besides, the wincing just makes it more fun.

Eventually, I yanked all the clothespins off and asked if he’d rather be sucked or have me continue with my handwork. He opted for sucking. I figured he would. Initially, he said I was sucking too hard. Is there such a thing? I backed off and he seemed to be doing better. As soon as I got him to the edge, I took a peek at his whiteboard where he shows his wait time. He was at 14 days. I debated in my head whether I should just edge him or if 14 days was enough of a wait. Then I was trying to remember how many orgasms he had last year. He wrote a post about it but I can’t remember. [Lion — I had 33 orgasms in 2020. I’ve had 272 in the last 5 years. This is an average of 54/year.] Then I was trying to figure out if two orgasms a month (on average) would match last year or if that’s too few. Lion would probably say it’s too few. And I was trying to decide if he’d be upset about getting an orgasm so soon, given the fact that he’s only been pretty horny for the past week or so.

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In the end, it was taking him so long to get there, I almost gave up. Everything was hurting. I was determined. I needed him to make it. I also needed to stop. I pushed both of us on. I knew he was close. I just had to get him closer. And finally I did. Finally. I got a nice mouthful of yummy goodness and he got less frustrated. And now the count starts again.