Dizzy Brunette

When the dog woke me up to go out at 7 am, I felt dizzy. No, I didn’t say ditzy. Often I am ditzy. It was not I’m-going-to-fall-down or the-room-is-spinning dizzy. It was just very unsettling. I decided it would go away with more sleep. Somewhere around 8:30 I woke up and realized Lion was in the kitchen rectifying the coffee pot not being set up. As long as it’s done before I go into the kitchen to push the button, he’s safe. But that was a close one.

I still felt dizzy. Oddly enough, I could read on my iPad and when Lion asked how I was feeling, I said I was good. I hadn’t stood up again. At ten I finally decided to go make breakfast. Lion bought a bubble waffle maker a few weeks ago and last night I said I’d try it out. However, at 10 am I thought it was too late to be messing around with it. Lion was disappointed. He asked if it was really too late. I said I thought so. He asked again if it was too late. Apparently it was not. I turned and walked toward the kitchen to make the damn bubble waffles. He said, “Just walk away.”

I know what you’re thinking. I should have jumped on him like he was a pogo stick, paddle in hand. First, he questioned me. Second, he questioned me. Third, he was snarky. If he was a kid, he would have been grounded. So why did I let him off? I don’t know. That’s been the $64,000 question. I don’t punish him when he “wrongs” me. I should. I know that. I could even punish him now, or at least tell him he’ll be punished later. I may do that. I haven’t decided yet. Yes, I do need to stick up for myself. No, I probably won’t punish him for it. No, I don’t know why.

Now that I’ve walked around the house a bit, I realize that I feel dizzier when I’m vertical. Laying in bed is fine. I don’t think I feel it much, if at all, there. I feel it sitting here writing this post. It’s not debilitating. I’ve turned on the wax and fully intend to rip Lion’s fur out in an hour or two. Eventually I have to get the garbage out to the curb. There are things that need to be done. I don’t think it will stop me. I just may not do anything unnecessary, not that I normally do unnecessary things.

My sinuses were hurting the other day. They’re sort of in the background right now. I think there may be a migraine wandering around in there too. I’m sure both of those things are contributing to the dizziness. I don’t think it’s anything serious. I’m not having a stroke. It’s not a brain tumor. I know Lion immediately jumps to the serious problems and wants to whisk me off to a doctor. If it’s a migraine, I wish it would just pop out and be done. I hate when they lurk.

The main thing is that I want to be not dizzy so we can play later. I know Lion may not be in the mood again after his recent orgasm, but I want to prime the pump. If I had planned for a New Year’s Eve orgasm, he can’t have one if he’s not horny. Well, I could probably give him one whether he wants it or not, but it wouldn’t really be fun for either of us. I’ll down some Tylenol to see if that gets me back into playing shape.


  1. Could be an infection of the inner ear.

    1. Author

      I think it was a migraine with a really strange symptom. I have the after effects of a migraine this morning.

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