To Work or Not to Work

On Christmas Eve, I eyeballed the amount of rum I put in our eggnog. We could barely taste it. We aren’t heavy drinkers. As a matter of fact for a while alcohol made Lion itchy, so I didn’t want to go overboard. Last night, I measured a shot into each glass. Wow! What a difference. I won’t say it was responsible for Lion being awake in the middle of the night, or for his sleeping until 10:30 but it is suspicious.

We had a lazy Christmas night. After having a few spats in the kitchen during meal prep, we watched TV (Lion watched through closed eyelids) and took it easy. The spats were minor. Is it easier to peel sweet potatoes before or after they’re boiled? And I forgot that I shouldn’t use the electric knife to carved the turkey breast off the bone. Oh, and also that Lion was going to cut the turkey after it was off the bone, because apparently he’d wanted to cut it off the bone. The kitchen is really the only time we fight with each other. If I’m in the kitchen when he tries to cook, I’m in the way. If I’m off doing something else, I should be in the kitchen because he needs my help. Minor details.

Since we got our system back at work and there’s so much catch-up work to do, we were able to work one day this weekend. We’d get paid for the holiday and for any extra hours we worked. Score! I didn’t do it Thursday so I figured I’d do it today. Lion didn’t understand why I was working on Saturday. I thought it was a good opportunity to bring in some extra money. I put in about two hours. Lion didn’t seem very enthusiastic about it so I stopped. I may continue later. I know he wants a hair cut and to be waxed, but money seems to be a more pressing matter right now. [Lion comments — Of course she’s right. I understand.]

Speaking of waxing, I guess I’ll do it tomorrow. I can do his hair cut today or tomorrow. It doesn’t take very long. I don’t have to think about dinner for at least a day. We have plenty of leftovers.

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  1. Merry says it’s easier to make incisions down the length of the sweet potatoes, then steam them, then the peel kinda falls off.
    She does not like being watched in the kitchen.
    She occasionally calls out for help with heavy bowls, or jobs that are easier with four hands.

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