End of Year BS

I hate the end of the year. Whoever thought it was a good idea to end the calendar with a bunch of holidays was a sadist. I thought it was bad enough when our computer system at work was down. Now the catch-up is worse. I know I finished a project. I got the information from a coworker. Now she says she doesn’t know where I got the information and I have to do it all over again in addition to the other stuff I’ve been assigned. And that’s not even counting the normal year-end things that need to be done.

I guess it’s a good thing all that just happened. I might have been too stressed out last night to give Lion any attention. He must have been pretty horny. He responded quickly when I started playing with my weenie. I got him fairly close to the edge at least once. When he started to lose it, he suggested maybe we needed mechanical intervention. I had no idea if the Magic Wand was charged up or not. I tried to entice him with my hand and it worked for a bit. I decided we were done and then made sure to plug in the Magic Wand. Barring my head exploding from stress, we’ll make use of it tonight.

Today is my last day of the week. We have a four-day paid holiday weekend. If I have my way, we won’t venture out the whole time. I may wander to the mailbox, but no further. We’ll snuggle in bed and watch reruns and/or movies. That’s our favorite kind of holiday. Doing nothing and doing it together. Of course, I might wax him or give him a haircut. There’s a little more to life than snuggling in bed. The dog needs to go out. And in. And out. And in. And we need to make things to eat. And I’ll check the horniness meter to make sure Lion gets much-needed attention.

Actually, that’s how we spend most weekends.

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  1. “Doing nothing and doing it together.”
    Great activity for two.
    Merry Christmas to both of you!

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