Is Sex Worth It?

We are hunkered down in our cozy house. Mrs. Lion’s boss agreed to let her work from home every day. I’m glad. Even though we really need the money, it wouldn’t be worth the risk of having her go to work. Her office has taken a pretty casual approach toward protecting employees. Since several tested positive in the last few days, they have tightened up a bit. Mrs. Lion can do her job just as well from here.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered new underpants. I got tired of my plain, white ones, so I replaced them with grey and black. It isn’t really an extravagance. I get 7 pairs for $17 from Amazon. When they arrived, I put them away in my underwear drawer. I realized this morning that I haven’t needed to wear anything other than a t-shirt for over two weeks. Mrs. Lion gets dressed every day. I like the contrast.

I feel myself getting horny again. That’s a relief. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will be teasing me again. I wonder why my libido is giving me trouble. One possible cause is that I expending my sexual energy on writing. I have no idea if that makes sense. Maybe we need some spanking or other BDSM action. It’s been a week or so since my play spanking. I mentioned that we haven’t played Spankardy in a long time. Mrs. Lion just agreed. I guess she isn’t feeling particularly playful. When she isn’t, my interest in sex drops off.

Even though she isn’t interested in sex for herself, my interest still depends a lot on her. I can’t help it, but sex for me feels like a favor she is doing for me. When she seems to want to do things, whether it is spanking, or something else, I interpret it as interest on her part. I wonder if she would be happier if I just stopped wanting to get off. I suppose that if we didn’t do anything for a long time, I might lose my libido too.