Lion Worries Too Much

Every time Lion goes through a patch of not being horny, he assumes he’s broken. He seems incredibly worried about losing his libido. Does he put that much emphasis on sex? Would it be so horrible if we turned into the couple who loves being together (true no matter what) but “only” snuggles with each other? Speaking as someone who doesn’t care about sex, I think that would be wonderful.

I can’t decide if sex was never that important to me or if I’ve just forgotten how important it was. Maybe it’s just different for women than it is for men. The stereotype is that men always think about sex and women always deny them. I remember initiating sex with my ex (when he wasn’t my ex, of course). There were many times I was feeling frisky. I don’t remember if he ever turned me down. For that matter, I don’t remember ever turning him down either. We just went with it no matter who initiated.

Anyway, Lion worries and I don’t think he has to. Libido decreases with age (or so I’ve read). Lion seems to be going strong even with temporary losses. If anything, worrying about losing libido might actually make him lose libido. Maybe it’s just his body falling back to regroup. Maybe it’s reminiscing about how good that last blow job felt and figures anymore of that right now will be trouble so we’ll just put the brakes on things for a few days. Other times, maybe it figures it can handle more and plows forward. I don’t know, but I certainly don’t think a few days of not wanting sex is a bad thing. What’s the harm in snuggling and my fondling his naughty bits without him reacting? I won’t take it personally. I’ll just try, try again.

Obviously, if it goes on for more than a few days, there might be something to worry about. We’d have to deal with that if it ever happens. As of last night, Lion is not broken. He may take a little longer to get to the edge, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

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  1. It’s a vicious circle. The more you worry, the more cause for concern. No matter how trite it sounds, you need to stop worrying and start living.

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