Lion didn’t sleep well Friday night. He was up till about 3 am and then woke up around 8. His leg was also bothering him. By evening, with the help of some Tylenol and rest, he was a little better. We watched “Love Actually” so dinner was pretty late. By the time we got to snuggling and playing at was about 9. I massaged my weenie for a while and then asked if he wanted to come out from under the blankets. He was too tired.

I told him his post for this morning sounded a little like he was blaming me for his not being horny. If only I was horny, I could make him horny. He disagreed. He said he was just illustrating how partners often play off each other. I guess. But it usually makes me feel bad when he feels selfish. It is one-sided. I can’t help that. Well, I’m trying to help that. Would he rather I throw up my hands and not offer to do anything for him? We could go back to the way it was pre-male chastity when he masturbated and I gave him a blow job or hand job once in a while. I don’t think either of us wants that.

I guess I’ll need to be more take charge. If he says he isn’t horny then I’ll have to try to get him hard anyway. I assume it would work sometimes. More often I think it would annoy him. Maybe then he’d understand why it annoys me when he wants to give me orgasms when I’m not horny. No. I don’t want to do that. What I will commit to doing is the same thing I did last night. I can play with my weenie and offer to do more. If he’s not horny we don’t have to do anything, but we’ll be close and even if he’s not interested, maybe it will feel good.

Listen to this post.