Sexual Feedback

Mrs. Lion isn’t to blame for the platonic atmosphere in the lions’ den. From her perspective, sex is just for me. If I’m not interested, it’s not her responsibility. As much as I would like to be your perpetually horny sex blogger, that’s not the case. There are times that I’m just not interested.

I think that if Mrs. Lion also wanted sex, my libido would feed on hers. While it’s true that males are largely self-starting, that isn’t the whole story. Other mammals, like African lions, have relatively infrequent sex. The males are generally uninterested unless a lioness goes into heat. The boys can smell it and they get very horny.

Many primates, including humans, use sex as social glue. Females are available and ready almost all the time. Males can have sex regardless of female fertility. Both sexes enjoy the fun. The theory goes that sex bonds males and females.

Our situation is fairly unusual. Many women who lose interest in sex, also lose interest in providing their mates, who still want sex, with it. Mrs. Lion is very aware that I still want sex and does her best to provide me with it. I’m very grateful to her.

I’ve thought about why my situation can be difficult at times. My theory is that in a relationship with two horny partners if one happens to be in a sexual slump, the other might be more aggressive and essentially push the non-horny partner into action. This can be a lot of fun.

Since Mrs. Lion is never horny, if I’m not, she sees no reason to pursue sex. After all, it’s just for me and if I don’t want it, then why push the issue. I certainly can’t argue the point. It makes perfect sense. I think that my period of disinterest is likely to be longer than it would if Mrs. Lion, motivated by her own sexual needs, would tell me to suck it up buttercup and get going. Similarly, if she had a temporary slump, I would do the same for her.

I worry that my slumps will get longer and longer until my libido disappears. Sexual feedback loops may be the way slumps cure themselves. I’m not sure this is correct. What do you think?