We Need to Heat Things Up

It was warm in the bedroom the other night. I thought Lion had turned the heat up so he could have his play spanking and some fun. Last night, it was cold again and we huddled under the blankets. Lion said the bedroom is no good for sex anymore. Anymore? A few nights have been cold. I don’t think we need a bonfire and he certainly can’t have a problem with a few nights of missed sex. (I know he was kidding.)

He didn’t write a post for this morning. He said he didn’t have anything to write about. He might have written how great it was to have a play spanking after all this time. He might have written about not being able to get to the edge. I guess those things are more my speed. I’m the one who reports the news. However, I can’t tell you how he’s feeling. Maybe he just wasn’t in the mood to write.

I got two pieces of unwanted information yesterday afternoon. The first was that at work our software will be out till midweek. I have no idea why it’s taking so long to fix. It seems to me they could have just restored everything from a backup and off we go. But I’m not a computer person. The second was that another person has tested positive for COVID at one of our other offices. They’re shutting that office down and are having everyone get tested. The problem is that people go between the offices and they’ve potentially infected others along the way. Now, after nine months, they’re finally putting more restrictions on things. We have to wear medical-grade masks and face shields. I think I’ll go in Monday for a half day and then work from home where I know I’m safe.

I know none of this has to do with sex. However, if either one of us gets the virus, there certainly won’t be any sex. If it was just me I wouldn’t care so much. I don’t want anything to happen to Lion.

Today, I’ll try to figure out how to keep the bedroom warmer so we can have some fun. I know what you’re thinking: IcyHot will warm him up. Yes, but only parts of him. I need the whole Lion warm so he can enjoy being sucked. I guess you could argue that he’ll warm up quickly once I get to work on him.


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  2. Why didn’t he write? Perhaps just the inspiration at this moment did not descend on him. And to make it warmer, maybe you should hug him under the covers and lie down for a bit 🙂
    Work from home. Take care of yourself!

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