Usually, it’s men who have problems with stamina. Not all men, obviously, but when you hear the words stamina and sex in the same sentence, most people would think of men. I assume it’s in relation to how long they can keep going given the fact that women tend to take longer to climax. In our relationship, I don’t care about sex. It’s not Lion that has the stamina problem.

Yesterday, I said I want to perfect the art of the blow job. Lion graciously offered his body for training purposes. What a guy! Last night, however, it became apparent that I need to work on my stamina too. I’m not saying it took Lion a long time to get hard or anywhere near the edge, but I crapped out before he did. The problem was that my arm went numb. A few nights ago, my shoulders started to hurt. It’s the position I’m in that’s the culprit. And the problem is that once I get him going, I don’t want to change position because that interrupts the flow.

I keep thinking if he’d just get to the edge right now, I’ll be okay. The smart thing would be to interrupt the flow even if it means going back a few squares in his journey to the edge because I’d be better able to continue until he actually reaches said edge. I would rather have him decide he’s done while I can continue than disappoint him when I have to stop. I know I had him going last night. I tried shifting without interruption, but it didn’t work. Tonight, assuming there’s an issue, I’ll stop if I have to change positions.

And if I do have to stop, it’s an opportunity to tease him a little more rather than going right back to sucking him. If he’s already riled up, he should love having my tongue play with that sensitive spot just under his head. I guess change isn’t always a bad thing.

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