Part of our computer system at work is still down. We’re left trying to piece things together to continue doing business. Most of our clients are understanding, but there are a few who are being difficult. We’re only halfway through the day and the staff is frazzled.

Last night, as I sucked Lion, I was thinking about perfecting my craft. I know he says I do a very good job. But I want to be the best. Naturally, practice makes perfect. Of course, Lion will gladly agree to being my muse. Maybe, now that I have a goal, he won’t feel so bad about things being one-sided. That’s not why I want to be the best. It’s sort of a side effect.

It may sound silly to want to do this. I just want to make Lion feel as good as possible. I’m not looking for the quickest way to get him to the edge. I really want to know what to do to get him as excited as possible. I’ve always liked to change things up. I vary the speed. I change where I’m putting pressure. I change the amount of suction. And I vary the depth. I won’t say there’s only one way to do it. Maybe that’s the problem.

Well, not really a problem. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Maybe I’m already doing everything I need to do. On the other hand, more practice wouldn’t hurt. I don’t think Lion has ever critiqued me. I’ll ask if he noticed a certain thing and, more often than not, he doesn’t even realize I changed anything. I suppose that’s what happens when the blood flow is directed somewhere other than the brain. How can I expect him to think with such a distraction going on?

I guess I’ll just continue on my merry way. The fact that he’s out of breath and unable to move for a few minutes after I’m done with him is verification enough. I may not be quite perfect, but apparently I’m close.

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  1. There is no limit to perfection. But the main thing is not to stop and not rest at what has been achieved. So in any business, not necessarily in sex.

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