You Have The Right To Call “Yellow”

I discovered these paddles on the bed after Mrs. Lion told me I forgot to set up the coffeepot. I get the message. I imagine the blindfold is for play later in the evening.

I guess it was inevitable. Even though I only have to obey a few simple rules, I’m bound to mess up. This time it was the dreaded coffeepot. I forgot to set it up for the morning. If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, she made a point of the fact that my rules are simple and she was figuratively shaking her head that I can’t seem to consistently follow them.

She knows I’m not good at reading subtle signals, so she makes her points in ways even I can understand. In case I was confused she not only wrote a post about it but also put two paddles on the bed to underline her intention to punish me. Yup, I got the message. It’s been at least a month since I’ve been punished. We have played Spankardy and Spankball, but no serious spankings.

As Mrs. Lion will surely say, I am out of practice when I yelp and try to roll over. She’s right; it’s been a while. In the past, she has indulged me and ended the spanking early. I think we both forgot “Yellow”. This is the safe word for me to use when I find it too intense. Truth be told, I forget it exists in the heat of the moment. Perhaps she can remind me at times like that.

Our agreement is that if I call Yellow, she backs off in terms of how hard she is hitting, but she doesn’t stop. Then she ramps up again after I have time to adjust. Her intention is to continue until she makes her point. I think we both slipped a bit when punishments happen less frequently. The temptation is to say we got out of practice. That leads to the idea of maintenance spankings to keep us current. I think that’s a mistake. The idea of maintenance spanking is more a sexual fantasy sort of thing than real-life domestic discipline. If anything, we probably need a spanking “Miranda statement:

” You have the right to call Yellow. When you do, the spanking will get less intense, but will not stop. No matter how long it takes you will receive a full punishment. Do you understand?”

This may seem silly at first, but as we clearly demonstrate, it’s possible to forget the basics. If Mrs. Lion agrees, we can print up a card for her to read before spanking me. Even though we have been doing this for a while, we don’t have the genetic memory developed over generations of giving and getting spanking punishments.

Marital spanking is not well established in our world. We are still learning our roles. It’s also a little confusing. Spanking is a sexual practice as well. I’m turned on by the thought of being spanked. So, I receive recreational spankings from Mrs. Lion. Sometimes it’s a game, like Spankardy. Other times she just spanks me because she knows I want it. I’m definitely easier to arouse after a recent spanking. That leaves the question of how punishment is different.

The obvious answer is that punishment is much more intense and no fun at all. That’s true of Mrs. Lion’s spankings. You might wonder why she doesn’t choose a different punishment that has no sexual attraction for me. She certainly could. I don’t think she will.

There’s a good reason why almost everyone uses spanking to punish: it’s safe, easy to learn, effective, and most important, gratifying to the spanker. I know that Mrs. Lion doesn’t particularly like spanking me. For the record, she also doesn’t mind.  That’s not the point. It isn’t how the spanker feels about beating her mate, it’s the process. When she spanks me, Mrs. Lion can see the effects of her efforts. My bottom turns red, sometimes white, or black and blue. She hears my response. She knows she is hurting me. I’m not having a good time. I’m unhappy. She is making me unhappy for a reason. Mrs. Lion is letting me know I’ve displeased her.

Admit it or not, there is a sense of satisfaction, of closure after a spanking. I’ve paid the price for my crime. Mrs. Lion knows that I understand the consequences of breaking one of her rules. Closure. Don’t minimize the importance of that word. Closure lets us move on. Guilt is banished. Frustration at not being able to communicate upset is gone. Just as important is the fact that a repeat of my sin will result in another spanking. We both know that eventually, I will learn. If I seem slow to understand, Mrs. Lion can simply make my next spanking more severe. She has tools that can easily make things worse for me. There’s no way any man is going to win an argument with the business end of a paddle. Once his wife understands this, his fate is sealed.

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  1. Merry and I first got together via a love of spanking, her giving, me receiving, Then came sex, love, marriage. My ego could not handle submitting to an FLR for any real length of time. We settled on role-playing while shooting videos for clips4sale. Then I got a prostate cancer diagnosis, and it all ended. I kinda miss it, but I have no libido, and I don’t see a way to go back.

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