We have some fairly simple rules. Lion should not eat before I do. He should not spill food on his shirt. He should set up the coffee pot for the next day. He should not interrupt me. He should not be a know-it-all. He should remind me of punishment days. He should keep count of the days since orgasm and post it on the whiteboard in our bedroom. He should not make fun of the local news people. There may be a few more that escape me now. I usually let him slide on interrupting and being a know-it-all. Those are actually big rules and ones I’m trying to get better at enforcing.

You’d think, after all this time, he’d have it down to a science. I know he has a process, but if the process is interrupted, he gets in trouble. Yesterday he forgot to put the coffee pot together. Of course, it’s not a big deal in the overall scheme of things. I know how to do it. It’s just a chore that he should do. More importantly, it’s one less thing I have to do around here. When I told him he’d gotten his sexy butt in trouble, he didn’t know why. Sometimes he remembers a split second too late. Not this time.

He told me it was because he made a second pot of coffee so we could both have another cup. And then I had the coffee pot soaking to get stains out. And then…. Nope. Just nope. I don’t want to hear it. He had at least eight hours (it was definitely more) to wander into the kitchen after the coffee pot was cleaned. That’s ample time to set it up. Does he need a web cam trained at the coffee pot so he doesn’t have to walk all the way in the kitchen to make sure he’s done his job? (He’s probably shopping for cameras now.) [Lion comments: Actually, we have one. It’s a great idea. I’ll set it up!]

The good part is that, as my computer did a far-too-lengthy update, I started cleaning. I found several paddles that had gotten tossed to the side at some point. What luck! Just in time to swat a Lion butt. Christmas came early for me. Lion won’t be coming any time soon.

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  1. Yes, of course he was wrong with the coffee pot. Excuses don’t fit here.

  2. Indeed, the rules are not very complicated. It is all the more incomprehensible how Mr. Lion manages to break them. Maybe he’s not so much against punishment.

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