Regrets. He’s Had a Few

Lion got an email yesterday, announcing the return of a dinner special at a local pizza place. I don’t remember them ever having a special, so the return is odd. Lion wanted to go last night. I asked him if he’d rather have me do the chores and have sex or go for the pizza deal. He said pizza. Hmmm. By the time I got home, I wasn’t looking forward to heading back out for pizza so I begged off till today. It turned out that the poor boy had no pizza or sex. The chores took more time and energy than I thought they would. Luckily, he can have both tonight.

We were watching reruns of one of our favorite shows and a character had a new boyfriend who was into tantric sex. The character on the show doesn’t realize the boyfriend always practices tantric sex and she wants an orgasm. Every time we see this episode, Lion shakes his head and says he knows how that feels. He always sympathizes with people on TV who claim they never get sex. (I know he’s joking.) Poor Lion.

First of all, he came up with the idea of orgasm denial, so he can’t blame me. I’m not the one with the crazy idea. And he gets a lot of sexual attention whether or not it results in an orgasm. I sort of like holding it over his head that he wished for it, I’ve perfected it and now he’s sometimes sorry he asked for it. It’s the same with spanking. He asked for rules. He got rules. He asked for punishment. He gets punishments. When the paddle is flying, he wishes he hadn’t coached me to be such an effective spanker.

Silly boy.

I do need to circle back and give Lion more BDSM attention. I know he needs it. I tied his balls the other night and he got very hard. Unfortunately, I don’t think I got him quite to the edge. He’s been hitting a plateau again. I think BDSM is the key to getting through it. He’s certainly more turned on when I’ve put clothespins on his balls or even Icy Hot on his tender bits. And he says he’s not a masochist.


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  1. It’s a bit odd that between pizza and sex, Lion chose pizza. Probably he was hungry 🙂

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