Pandemic Playtime

I can’t figure out if the pandemic is affecting interest in male chastity and domestic discipline. In one sense the need for quarantine and social distancing would encourage couples to do things at home that don’t include other people. Male chastity and domestic discipline certainly fall into that category. Maybe I can help encourage some sexual fun with a slightly different slant on these activities. Let’s start with definitions. These definitions are not all-encompassing, just designed to get folks started with some sexy fun.

Domestic discipline

You can think of this as a penalty game. One partner agrees to accept the discipline and the other administers it. Some couples switch off and take turns. In our house, Mrs. Lion is in charge and disciplines me. She has selected spanking as her preferred method of discipline. This is a good choice for many. Over 85% of adults have spanking fantasies.

The rules that if broken, earn a spanking can be anything you agree on. They can be trivial things the spankee is bound to break, or they can be real behavioral issues. We started off with trivial rules I would be likely to break. I had to avoid getting food on my shirt. OK, it’s true, I’m a messy eater. You get the idea. Both partners are expected to observe and report infractions. When a rule is broken, a spanking or other penalty results.

We have written endlessly about how to spank and what to use to administer it. The menu bar on the top of this page has some spanking articles. Spankings are always administered on a naked bottom. There are no exceptions to this. If one is earned where it is impossible to administer, you can do it at the spanker’s convenience. Mrs. Lion sometimes spanks me days later. It’s your choice what to use to spank. This is a fun topic to share with the spankee.

Domestic Discipline (DD) can start as a fun game and then over time become a useful part of marriage. It has happened this way with us. Believe it or not, I actually almost never spill food on my shirt. That wasn’t the intention, but apparently, DD actually works! Most men and women get aroused thinking about being spanked. They may not like it when they get one, but overall it is a very sexy activity.

Male chastity

Everything about male chastity is sexy fun. The idea is simple. The man agrees to not masturbate and gives his partner the power to decide when he gets to ejaculate. To make it more interesting, his partner may tease him and have him get her off while he remains frustrated. A very exciting form of teasing is edging. The woman masturbates her partner right to the very edge of ejaculation and stops. She gives him a little time to come down and then does it again. Rinse and repeat.

Edging is the closest a male can get to multiple orgasms. I’ve learned to love it. This sort of thing goes on for days without letting him come. Eventually, he gets to ejaculate. Many women find that one ejaculation every 7 to 10 days is optimum. There are no rules about this other than she gets to decide. He gets no input.

You can add a bondage element to the game by getting a male chastity device and locking it over his penis. There are lots of posts and pages about this here. The point is that it’s fun for both partners with or without a device.

Both Domestic discipline and male chastity offer sexy fun for bored quarantined couples. Mrs. Lion and I have a lot of fun with both.

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  1. While in quarantine, many couples will find time for such activities.

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