Locked Down With Lion

As of midnight tonight, we will be under lockdown again. COVID-19 cases in our area, in addition to most of the country, have spiked and things need to be reeled in again. It’s probably no surprise that it doesn’t affect us much. I may only go into the office one day a week if I can convince my boss I need to.

I went out yesterday to get our prescriptions. Since I was in the store, I got a few other things I could grab on the way to the pharmacy. I managed to get a turkey breast. Now we can have our Thanksgiving feast. Today, I’m stopping by another store to pick up more groceries I ordered online. I’m sure people will make use of that feature more now that the virus is worse.

Lion and I are content to stay in our little bubble with the dog. The UPS, Fedex and mail people are very familiar with our address by now. We’ve always had a lot delivered. Everyone else is just catching up with us.

Lion was snoozing last night. His tummy was yucky. It was the day after an orgasm so having a day off from play was not unusual. I’m sure we’ll at least snuggle tonight. It depends what he feels like. We always play things by ear anyway. If he’s distracted by other things, how can I expect him to be n the mood. Of course, if the idea is to get his mind off of other things, then I can usually persuade him to get in the mood.

When I gave him his orgasm on Saturday night, I really thought I’d gone too far. It took a little while to get him to the edge and when I stopped, he made noises like he was going over the edge so I kept going. Later he said he wasn’t that close. I could have stopped. Damn. Oh well. Next time.

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  1. Glad you managed to get your Thanksgiving turkey breast. So the holiday will be successful.

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