Pencil Me In

Lion still snoozed a lot last night. We had plans to have Chinese food for dinner and then watched TV before Lion asked if I was hungry. Since it’s been taking 45 minutes for an order, we decided to wait until tonight to have it. When dinner was done, Lion snoozed off and on. I figured it was better to let him sleep than wake him for sex. I also thought if he woke up and wanted sex, that would be fine. Around 10:30 he said maybe we could play earlier today. And then he added, “It seems like you don’t even want to play.” I knew somehow it would be my fault. I just knew it.

Here’s where our problem lies: he snoozes so I play on my iPad, but he says he snoozes because I play on my iPad. He’s bored watching TV so he snoozes. He says I can wake him up any time I want to play. I think it’s better if he snoozes because he says he’s tired. And around and around we go. We have to figure something out. It’s not always my fault that we don’t play. How do I know when he wants to play if he doesn’t say anything? And then, if I do ask, how do I know he’s not saying he doesn’t want to play because he thinks I don’t want to play? I can say I’ll play whenever he wants to but then he thinks I’m just doing it to please him. Well, duh! I don’t care about sex. Of course I’m doing it to please him. But that doesn’t mean I’m doing something I don’t want to do.

This is not new. We have these discussions all the time. As a matter of fact, another oldie but goodie is waxing. Lion is getting furry. Last night he asked if I could do it this weekend. My mind flashed to the mountain of things on the waxing table that need to be moved. I didn’t answer him in a split second so that must mean I don’t want to do it. Nope. That’s not what it means at all. I told him about the mound on the waxing table and he still thought it meant I didn’t want to do it. Nope. I’ll have that cleared off long before the wax is even melted. However, between waking up late today and lounging around in bed, I don’t want to put the Chinese food in danger for today so I’m delaying waxing until tomorrow afternoon. As a matter of fact, I’ll go clean off the table when I’m done writing this so that will be one less obstacle to ripping the fur out of Lion tomorrow.

As far as today is concerned, I say we play at 3. Now, scheduling it does not necessarily mean it will happen. There could be a delay by either party. But as long as I have put it on the schedule, I feel my job is complete. Of course, I still have to follow through, but the willingness is written in stone.