Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We started out last night with snuggling. I asked Lion if he wanted to do anything and he said he could go either way, but snuggling would be nice. I started out on top of the blankets because I was warm. He was under the blankets because he was cold. That’s not exactly conducive to snuggling. After a while I decided the compromise was for me to pull back the blankets on my side and snuggle under his side. Eventually I enticed him out with promise of oral fun.

For whatever reason, Lion has gone back to his old ways of not being very excited (at least from my point of view). If you recall, he was very horny and excitable before his recent orgasm. We thought something had snapped him out of his long lead up to becoming horny. I guess last time was just a fluke.

It’s not that he’s not horny. His mind may say he’s horny. His body may say he’s horny, but somehow the message doesn’t get to my weenie. He’s slow to respond. I don’t need him to respond quicker. I’m certainly not timing him. I just wonder what happened last time. The only issue I have with his taking longer is that my shoulders hurt last night and I had to stop. Clearly that’s my problem and not his. Well, it’s his in that he didn’t get to the edge and he was having fun. I think, in addition to snuggling, we might need to use the rope or some clothespins. These “marital aids” might get him more excited right off the bat. [Lion comments — A paddle works too :)]

When he was super horny last time, I was wondering if jumping right into oral attention would cause a problem. I didn’t want him to think I was rushing him as he’s thought when I jumped right into playing with him other times. I guess there was no reason to worry then. Now I think we do need a bigger buildup. His mind might be willing but we need to take our time so his body gets caught up. I just don’t want to be accused of rushing him if I start out by tying up his balls. We’ll get there when we get there. I have no time limit. My only goal is to get him to the edge and as frustrated as possible before my shoulders give out. I’ll take some preemptive Tylenol to help the fight.

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  1. Snuggling is very pleasant and even soulful if you love your partner.

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