I decided to make a very rich dinner last night with chicken breasts. We had rice and cauliflower and I got a loaf of French bread. It was a very monochrome meal, but it was yummy. We were both too full to move. And then we remembered our failure of a football team was playing Monday Night Football. I don’t know why we watch. They start out crappy, maybe improve a little in the middle just to give you hope and then they fall flat on their faces. This week and last I think they were beaten by two points. See? A glimmer of hope and then they lose. Close, but no cigar.

Even if we weren’t full, I think we would have had indigestion from the game. We held hands and screamed at the television. As I said, there were some bright spots to cheer for even at the very end when they scored and were so close to tying the score. Anyway, we didn’t play or have any sort of sexual activity. We can do that tonight. I bet Lion will be horny.

We received a comment on Lion’s post this morning, saying our rules are too simple. I suppose if I really wanted to change Lion, I could come up with harsher rules. Not that Lion is perfect, but the little things he does don’t really bother me for long. While interrupting me may be rude, it’s not the end of the world. I’m a big girl. I’ll get over it. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been annoyed at him for more than a few minutes. It might even be two fingers. The point is, he doesn’t do anything that reaches the level of needing to punish him.

I know I said I’d try to punish him for interrupting, and I will. And, let’s face it, our FLR is mostly a game we play. It makes sense to have inconsequential rules. Those rules were meant to be easily broken and easily observed. They hang on because they’re really the only rules I’ve made up. What other rules should I make? He doesn’t leave the toilet seat up because we always close the lid. He doesn’t leave clothes laying all over the place. He rarely wears them. I’ve been trying to come up with new rules. And I’ll keep trying. For now, he’ll stay in kindergarten.

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