Everything Old Is New Again — Even Sex

I never learn. I can’t help myself from saying (typing) what I’m thinking. Most recently, I wrote that Mrs. Lion couldn’t help herself from making me ejaculate within a day or so of being able to super edge me. She’s learned that, contrary to my earlier thinking, she can do this right from the day after I ejaculate. We both used to think it took several days, often a week or more, for me to be able to reach that point. It turns out that with sufficient stimulation, I’m ready to go the day after ejaculation.

In a post, I mentioned that it might be interesting to edge me for many days, not just go for ejaculation a day or two after super edging. Apparently Mrs. Lion took this thought to heart. Yesterday was day 6 since I came. She has pushed me to the edge over and over every day beginning with day 2. There is no sign she plans to give me release any time soon.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t like making me ejaculate just because she loves me. For some inexplicable reason, she loves the taste of semen. Apparently this is a flavor she has always liked. I don’t understand it though I am very happy that she does. For one thing, when she gives me a handjob she very rarely makes me eat it. I don’t share her appreciation for semen. She knows it is good for me to be made to consume my own product, but her appreciation for the taste drives her to keep it for herself. Occasionally, in a selfless gesture of domination, she will feed it to me. Happily, that is a fairly rare occurrence.

Anyway, it turns out that the longer she sucks me, the more precum I produce. For her, this is a rare treat; a sort of sexual truffle she unearths in the process of teasing me. She loves this bonus. Now that she can reliably make me produce it, the incentive to make me ejaculate isn’t as strong. A daily diet of precum partially slakes her thirst for semen.

I understand that semen can taste different from one man to another, even between individual ejaculations by the same man. Since the only semen I’ve consumed is my own, I have to go on what others have said. For the record, mine has never tasted good to me. Since Mrs. Lion has considerably more experience with this particular treat, I wonder if she enjoyed her ex’s load as much as mine. I believe he is the only other man she has sampled. I also wonder if mine tastes different from load to load. For the record, semen is a low-calorie, high-protein drink. It’s only hazardous if consumed by the vagina. When ejaculated there, it can produce children. It is harmless when taken orally. It can stain clothes; ask Monica Lewinsky.

my first sex was exclusively oral

I had my first sexual experience when I was 18 and a freshman in college. I met a girl who liked me and was equally inexperienced. Our first attempt was a clumsy romp in my twin bed at home. It felt great! She said she had fun too. A few months later, I moved out and had my own studio apartment. We took our time. I discovered that I couldn’t penetrate her. Her hymen was intact and very thick. I just couldn’t get in and didn’t want to push too hard for fear of hurting her.

To this day I wonder what we did in that first attempt. I suspect I was between her labia with my penis pointing down. The friction stimulated her clitoris and my penis. I guess I ejaculated externally. At the time, she hurriedly put her panties back on and got dressed. Any mess I made was sopped up by them.

After the first session when we discovered I couldn’t penetrate her, we decided to do some research. We bought a couple of sexual how-to’s (the World Wide Web was in its infancy). We decided to try oral sex as a workaround. As I recall, anal sex never got discussed. When we had sex, I would lick her and she would suck me. Apparently she didn’t share Mrs. Lion’s appreciation of semen. After I came she would go into the bathroom and spit out the result of her hard work. It’s ironic that my first sex was exclusively oral. As I recall, she never jerked me off. We always used our mouths. It never occurred to us to do anything else.

Now, all these years later, the only sex we have is oral. At this time I am the lucky recipient. Of course, I stand ready to reciprocate any time Mrs. Lion wishes. For many years, almost all my sex was handjobs. Since last summer, Mrs. Lion found using her mouth is easier for her and a lot more fun for me. Sex has come full circle. Yum!

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  1. It is not a circle. It’s a spiral. The whole story develops in a spiral.

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