Turning Bad Times To Good

We had a busy Sunday. We took the dog for a bath and groom. She looks great and will probably not make me as allergic. Then we played Spankball while we watched the NY Giants game. Once again, Mrs. Lion decided that she would deliver all of the swats earned after the game. The Giants won by a single point. I earned 70 swats (2 per point scored and 1 for each turnover against the Giants). Did I mention that Mrs. Lion is a very effective spanker?

The Hanson ferule paddle in bloodwood. Ouch!
The Hanson ferule paddle. This bloodwood model is one of the most effective spankers she owns.

It was fun watching the game; not so much fun getting the swats. While I watch them play, I love it when our team scores but also get a little twinge because each touchdown/extra point is 14 more swats. I know, I know, poor baby. Mrs. Lion used the very mean ferule paddle. It’s made from dense, heavy bloodwood. It has a very small striking face and a long handle. The combination guarantees maximum pain.

Sunday was a week since my last orgasm. I’ve had a few sexual thoughts, but in general, I am not at my most cheerful. I’m writing this early Sunday evening. Mrs. Lion wrote that she plans to try some oral attention tonight. I think I will enjoy it. I’ve never not enjoyed Mrs. Lion’s mouth.

In the days when we had vaginal sex, I posited that I liked oral sex better than vaginal. Maybe because it’s been more than 2-1/2 years since my last chance to fuck, I am looking back at it nostalgically, believing that felt better. It’s just a matter of wanting what I don’t have. I absolutely love it when Mrs. Lion sucks me. I’m even fine that she only lets me ejaculate infrequently.

It could be that today’s Spankball reset some internal circuit breaker. Maybe I need a painful butt whomping to feel better. I wonder if Mrs. Lion believes that. If she does, I wonder why I haven’t seen the business end of her paddle sooner. I suspect that she isn’t sure enough to demand I present my butt to her for attention regardless of how I say I’m feeling.

Based on how I feel now, a command game of Spankardy or Spankball might be an easy way to help. The trick isn’t to ask me if I want to play. Just tell me. I like that even in bad times.

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  1. Right. You can always find something good, even in bad. Depends on how you look at it.

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