This morning, I learned how to insert and remove contact lenses. I always said I’d never wear contacts because I rub my eyes too much. However, wearing glasses with a mask leads to fogging. Couple that with the fact that I hate having things on the bridge of my nose and I was going out of my mind with glasses and a mask on my nose. My other thought is that if I understand how to use contacts in my own eyes, I might be better able to help Lion with his. After one of his surgeries, he had trouble putting his contacts in. Since I had no idea how to help him, we were both helpless. Now maybe I can help him.

Since I had an appointment, I had to make up time from work and I didn’t have time to write a post. I didn’t even think about it until Lion asked me.

Although Lion’s present came yesterday, today is actually his birthday. I gave him his card just after midnight. We had bagels from his birthday box for breakfast and matzo ball soup for lunch. His daughter called him. And then he got the email. A few weeks ago, his work announced layoffs. They alluded that if you hadn’t been called back, chances are you’d be let go and they’d be contacting you about it. Today’s email said he wasn’t in the group that was laid off. It’s almost as if they wanted to give him a birthday present. “Guess what, Lion. We’re sorry it’s taking so long but the news may not be bad after all.” Naturally, Lion is taking it with a grain of salt. It may be their way of leading employees on for a longer period of time. We are choosing to believe that skies are partly cloudy with a chance of sunshine in the future. Our fingers are crossed.

On the weenie front, things are also partly cloudy. His sore spot is still a tiny bit sore so we’re in a holding pattern for now. I don’t want to play with him for fear that I will just aggravate the situation. I’d much rather wait and let it heal than cause more problems. Lion, on the other hand, is horny and chomping at the bit. He knows we should wait but he’s less inclined to be calm about it. His favorite toy is forsaking him. At least when he’s caged he knows he’ll be let out to play. With a sore, it’s anybody’s guess when we’ll play again.

This time I really mean it when I say, “Poor Lion.”

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  1. Dear Lion happy birthday to you, I am born on the same day as you, but older 74. Have a Nice day both of jou

    1. Happy birthday to both of us! 🙂

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