Football Swats Are Back

The long-awaited start of NFL football happened last night. I guess I wasn’t clear on Lion wanting to play our football spanking game. Initially, he suggested Spankardy and I was fine with that. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of reading something when Jeopardy started so we didn’t play. After the first score in the football game, Lion grumbled and started to get into position. Oh, ok. I didn’t realize we were playing and we hadn’t reviewed the rules. I had to ask how many swats he should get. Duh!

I don’t know what the score was after the first quarter but Lion had gotten two swats for each point. And I asked if he wanted to pause the game to play Suck The Lion. He did. No question. He’d been hinting oh-so-subtly that he was horny by outright telling me he was horny. I didn’t want it to get too late for our fun. I wonder if his horniness can overcome how late we play if he’s getting swats and is otherwise excited. I think the real enemy of erections is his thinking I’m ignoring him and he sabotages himself.

At any rate, I got him to the edge at least twice. I mean, very, very, very close twice. I might have gotten him somewhat close a few other times, but he was sweating those two times. When I was done, I think he was actually panting. He didn’t move as fast as he usually does. That, to me, means a job well done. If I’ve got his body thinking he’s really going to have an orgasm, and all sights are set on it and then I leave him hanging, bingo! Obviously, it’s a let down but that’s the point. Personally, I hate to get to the edge and be left hanging. Lion has done it to me a few times, at least once on purpose. I wanted to punch him. Do it all the way or don’t do it. There’s no stopping just short. With me, that is. He likes it. Weirdo.

After he caught his breath, we watched football again. He got his two swats for every point. I’m sure he’s conflicted. He loves football, but those swats…. Oh, he loves the swats too. Don’t let him fool you.

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