Spare The Paddle, Spoil The Sex Life

Mrs. Lion has a theory. She thinks that I won’t be able to be edged, or for that matter, ejaculate, unless I am kept locked in a male chastity device. She advanced this idea in her post yesterday. She decided that there is no point even trying to get me aroused until she has me locked up again. She also decided that she will wait until the reprint of my Evotion Orion gets here before she locks me up. It won’t arrive until late this week at the earliest. Apparently, wild lions don’t get sexual attention until then.

Mrs. Lion may be right. In a way I hope she is. An alternative theory is that I’m losing interest in sex. This loss of interest could be temporary, brought on by sleeplessness and the very hard-to-breathe air around here lately. It could be any of a large number of things. I’ve gone through similar periods in the past. It’s way too early for me to worry.

There has been a trend. Since mid-July, the time between my orgasms has jumped from an average of 6 days to one of 14 days. The 6-day average held since 2016, so the change in trend is significant. I’m not waiting longer because Mrs. Lion decided to extend my time between orgasms. She hasn’t. I just haven’t been able to even reach the edge until I wait nearly two weeks. She’s tried hard every night. I get aroused and have big fun while she sucks my cock. Before I get even close to the edge, I can feel my interest drain away. I start to get soft soon after.

I can’t explain this. Obviously, I’m not getting bored. It feels wonderful to be inside her mouth. I have no problem getting erect. I stay hard for several minutes without any problem. Most of the time, when my interest fades, I’m still hard. Then, after about 12 days of this, I reach the edge. Mrs. Lion can tease me and if she wants, make me ejaculate.

This timing has been the same while I was locked in my cage as well as when I’m wild. It might take less time to get me hard when I have been locked up, but so far it hasn’t reduced the number of days before I can reach the edge. At least this hasn’t been progressive. I suddenly went from 5 days to 13 in July. The average number of days hasn’t increased since then.

I’ve been thrashing around looking for factors that might be contributing to this change. I have been worried about where we will get money if I am not called back from furlough. There is a very good chance I’ve permanently lost my job. This is almost certainly a factor.

I’m being spanked less. Either my behavior has been improving dramatically or Mrs. Lion isn’t as alert to spotting faux pas. When she is in full-on disciplinary mode, things are a lot more exciting around here.

The combination of these two factors might be significant contributors to my loss of libido. They also might not. When I’m locked in a male chastity device, I do feel a heightening of sexual tension. Being wild while waiting for the reprint could be a third factor. We can’t do anything about the scary reality of no job. The other two factors are under our control. Hopefully, we can eliminate one or both soon.


  1. Lack of testosterone. That is what I had.

    1. Author

      Blood tests showed a normal level. I wish it were that simple.

  2. The nervous environment, of course, cannot positively influence the state of any person. Including in the sexual sphere. I hope that your problems will find a positive solution in the near future. This is what I wish for you.

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