You Can’t Hide An Erection

Things appear to be settling down after the migration of our blog. That’s not to say it’s completely smooth sailing going forward, but at least I understand what the problem was and corrected it. It’s been five days since my last orgasm. I’ve been feeling decently horny all day. I told Mrs. Lion and she was happy to get that news. Having the worry of a crashing blog off my mind doesn’t hurt a bit.

Sooner or later female sex bloggers end up writing at least one post about penises. Not surprisingly, we male bloggers tend to avoid saying too much on that subject. Since I am heterosexual, I have no visceral interest in other men’s sexual equipment. I am extremely interested in my own. I’ve measured it many times when flaccid. This was necessary to provide information when I ordered custom male chastity devices. At some point I measured my erection as well. I was curious about how I stacked up, so to speak.

it turns out that 6 inches is very good

The average erect penis is about five and three-quarter inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Mine is 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I guess that makes me slightly above average. Yippee! It’s always good to be above average. Based on my reading, it’s good to be a little bit above average but not terribly desirable to be too large. Too much girth makes for painful vaginal insertion, not to mention anal or oral fun. I have a sort of type “O” penis — the universal donor. Most women are more than willing to accept my size penis in any orifice they make available.

Mrs. Lion uses a dildo considerably wider and longer than my penis when she pegs me. When it comes to pegging and male anal play, training him to accept larger visitors is part of the BDSM fun. Even though it’s uncomfortable for me, I agree. I like it when I am able to accept a larger dildo. It doesn’t take long before it feels good nestled deep in my anus.

It appears that most heterosexual women enjoy viewing the erect penis of someone they like. Based on my reading and visits to Twitter, they don’t welcome unsolicited pictures of strangers’ sex organs. When it comes to the rest of the male sexual anatomy, the balls, opinions seem to vary widely in terms of being interesting to women. Some women love them and enjoy fondling them and even putting them in their mouths. Others try to do their best to ignore them. They don’t willingly touch them, even when masturbating the penis attached to them.

Opinions also vary about whether balls are more attractive when warm and loose swinging freely between their owner’s legs. Others prefer them tight, pulled up close to the penis. Mrs. Lion and I haven’t discussed this topic, but I think she prefers them loose and hanging. I know she enjoys a rear view when I bend over with my legs open. She definitely enjoys fondling them and sometimes painfully swatting them when we play.

Hairy balls or smooth?

Male pubic hair grooming is relatively recent activity. My pubic hair has been completely gone for more than 25 years. Call me a trendsetter! I like the way it looks and feels without hair. More and more men and women are following my lead and remove all of their pubic hair. I’ve always felt that a woman without pubic hair is far more interesting to view. Mrs. Lion doesn’t remove her hair, but it isn’t important. Her growth is light and I get a good view of her vagina even with untrimmed pussy hair. She’s said that she doesn’t care whether I have pubic hair or not. It’s up to me.

Even if I didn’t aesthetically prefer hairlessness, wearing a male chastity device is far more comfortable on a bald pubic area. Pubic hair tends to catch on the chastity device and pull uncomfortably. With smooth skin, there is no pull and the device is painless to wear. Speaking of chastity devices, I haven’t seen women comment on how they feel about their men wearing them. Let me clarify, even the ones who say they like their men locked up, don’t offer an opinion as to the aesthetics of seeing a penis in a male chastity device. Most of the devices aren’t that attractive and don’t do a great deal toward making my weenie more appealing. They are utilitarian and designed to prevent the one thing most women prefer when they look at a penis: an erection.

Erections are both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing to many women. They are entertaining because they reveal their owners’ sexual interest. It’s hard to appear nonchalant sporting wood. It’s also embarrassing during play. Mrs. Lion applies very painful tiny clothespins to the head of my penis. I really hate having them there. However, my penis stays hard as a rock. She says that means I really like it. It’s hard to argue with that logic. There was a line in the TV sitcom “Becker”, a teenager was consulting with Dr. Becker complaining that he kept getting erections at odd times. He said, “I even got one while I was vacuuming for my mother. Now she thinks I like cleaning.”