Where is the Cage?

Yesterday we got more supplies for making pickles and jam. I hadn’t wanted to spend another weekend making pickles and jam, but you have to make hay while the sun shines, as they say. We’re near the end of the season so we this is probably our last chance. In the end, we’ll have lots of pickles and jam to sustain us through the long winter. I remember helping my mother can things, and my grandmother canned too. In a sense, this is a walk down memory lane.

While we were running around looking for canning supplies, Lion informed me he was horny. Several times. I got the hint. The night before, when I thought he was preoccupied by the blog, he was horny but didn’t want to bother me. We were already snuggling. How much of a bother would it have been? I guess I want him to feel less selfish just like he wants me to tell him when he annoys me. We both have something big to work on.

Last night, I made sure he got some attention. We snuggled first and then I put some clothespins on his balls. It’s not his favorite activity, but it doesn’t have to be. My weenie was willing so I sucked him. I thought I was making good progress and then I wasn’t. It sort of makes sense that he wouldn’t make it to the edge just yet. It hasn’t been that long since his last orgasm. The point is to give him a little action to entice him to the edge in a few days. Sort of like firemen taking the engine out to keep everything in working order. Lions need test drives too.

I’m not sure when his new cage is coming. I don’t think I’ll put it on him right away when it does. I’ll wait until we’re done with our festivities for the night. Maybe knowing he’ll be locked away will make him hornier. I don’t know how his mind works. I’m not sure he does either. In theory, it might turn him on more to know he’s having his last hurrah before being caged again. That’s what I hope will happen. We were in the middle of an experiment when the dog ate the cage. We were trying to see if his being locked up made him hornier and/or easier to edge. I’m looking forward to getting back to that experiment.

[Lion replies: The replacement cage will be arriving next week. It’s being shipped after the holiday weekend.]