Lion asked if he’d be punished for whining about having the cage put back on. I wasn’t going to, but he said I should. Then he pointed out that when we first started domestic discipline, I never thought I should punish him for things. I was following the same pattern for annoying me. I hate to admit it, but he’s right. If I get used to punishing him for annoying me, then I’ll do it more often. I need to be trained too.

As I was cleaning up from dinner, I was heading toward the bedroom to punish him when it occurred to me that I could just leave him locked up as punishment. Earlier in the afternoon he’d told me he thinks the cage might even make him hornier. Silly boy! Don’t tell me things like that unless you want them used against you. Leaving my weenie in solitary confinement is a great punishment, especially since it was whining about the cage that got you in trouble in the first place.

He grumbled a bit and I was actually going to give in, but then he fell asleep. Being horny couldn’t possible be first and foremost in his mind if he’s able to fall asleep as I’m talking to him. When he woke up he said he was really tired but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy sex. Nope. Sorry. My momentary weakness had passed. The original sentence stands. No soup for you!

faded evotion orion
Lion’s Evotion Orion has faded from bright red to this pink color. Still, it keeps him safe and secure.

I am sort of curious to see if the cage makes my weenie red. If it wasn’t the cage, I have no idea what made my hands red. It came off with water so I don’t think there’s really an issue, but it is a little disturbing that the cage is fading. It looks exactly like it faded in the sun, except we never had it in the sun, and even areas that were locked together faded too. I had a red car once that had oxidized paint. When I used anti-oxidizing stuff, the paint came back but the door handles, which were not metal, turned pink. The cage is exactly the same color as the door handles. It’s deja vu all over again.

When I unlock Lion tonight, we’ll see if he’ll need the cage again or if he’ll have his orgasm. The other night, I asked if he wanted an orgasm and he told me he thought he could wait a few nights. Well, it’s been a few nights. Let’s see how horny he is. [Lion — Horny or not, I think the cage should stay on. Just saying. Also, since we both like edging so much, maybe it would be wasting all that nice sexual energy to let me ejaculate so soon after all her work getting me this way.]


As Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday, “Let’s Stop Talking About Cheating (After This)“, I’m back in my cage. Specifically the Evotion Wearables Orion. As I’ve said before, this is the most comfortable chastity device I’ve ever worn. The fit is perfect. I can’t tell it’s there until I try to get hard. Then I can feel slight pressure. Unfortunately, there is a small problem.

I haven’t worn it in a few months. It’s been safely stored in a zip-lock bag put away in a drawer. It hasn’t been exposed to sunlight, moisture, or anything else, even me. When Mrs. Lion retrieved it, she noticed the color had changed. It went from a brilliant, candy-apple red to a rather dull pinkish color. We were both surprised. It seemed to still have some gloss; not as much as it had when I got it.

My Evotion Orion is fading. We took the picture on the right yesterday. The one on the left was taken when I first received the male chastity device. As you can see, the color has faded in just a few months.

Mrs. Lion had to work a bit to get it on me. I had my usual struggle pulling my shaft back so just the head of my penis just pokes out of the end of the shaft tube. This is very important for fit. It was my own fault. A drop or two of water-based lube fixes the issue and rinses away with the first shower. I’ll remember next time. I knew there was a reason I left the lube on my nightstand.

After the device was on, Mrs. Lion looked concerned. I asked her what was wrong. She said that her fingers were red. I asked if she hurt herself. She said she didn’t. We both simultaneously said that maybe it was the chastity device. There is nothing else red in the bedroom. I have been good so even my bottom wasn’t red on Friday night. Besides, that color doesn’t rub off.

She went into the bathroom to wash her hands. She commented that the red came right off. It had to be the Evotion device. I wondered if the color will come off on my penis as well. We decided to wait until the next time Mrs. Lion removes the device to find out. If it does, I will reluctantly have to stop wearing it until it can be fixed. I sent an email to Evotion describing the problem. I hope they get back to me with a solution.

don’t make me take it off!

I don’t want to stop wearing my Orion. It absolutely solves every issue I’ve had with male chastity devices. It’s comfortable and doesn’t pinch me. I can pee standing up without checking the device to be sure my urethra is aligned. It’s invisible under clothing. I can wear it as long as Mrs. Lion wants.

The device is 3D-printed out of medical-grade nylon and then finished by Evotion to a beautiful, glossy color. Measuring instructions are simple and sane. If you follow them, you will get a perfect fit like mine. Let’s see what happens with my problem with the finish.

I think I need to address Lion’s cheating. The cheating I’m talking about is masturbating. Nope. He hasn’t and I don’t anticipate his doing so. But his concept of punishment and mine are different. When I said we’d be done, I meant just with male chastity. I didn’t mean we’d be done with snuggling and kissing and all other intimate touching. My thought was that if he had reached his limit of horniness and couldn’t possibly wait a second more for me to give him an orgasm, then he shouldn’t wait. Ever. Again.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get to play with him ever again. I don’t know that we’d have the same arrangement of my playing with him six out of seven nights. There’d be no urgency for that anymore. We might snuggle every night, which we’ve gotten away from with our present arrangement. I’m not sure how often he’d have an orgasm. My guess is it would be whenever he wanted one because, he’s right in this regard, once I started I’d just keep going to the logical conclusion. It would also mean no edging to heighten the excitement up to the main event.

Somehow he’s gotten the idea that he wouldn’t learn his lesson my way. Oh, there’s no lesson to learn. He doesn’t get three strikes and he’s out. He’s just out. Consider if he cheated on me with another woman. Would I give him three strikes? I doubt it. I suppose I’d have to determine if his cheating was warranted. Did I suddenly stop keeping up my end of the bargain? Did I start working late and no longer pay any attention to him? Did I take all the money and go on a cruise to Mexico and leave him behind for two weeks? If I caused his cheating, then I suppose I could give him his three strikes for cheating. Then again, I’d need to be given some strikes too.

So if he doesn’t lose the intimacy or orgasms, what good is stopping male chastity? He said he assumed I’d continue on being his disciplining wife. Would I? I don’t know. In some respects, they seem to go hand in hand. In others, I can see how they’re separate. I’m just not sure I’d feel obligated or invested enough to continue it. I’m really not sure.

I just thought of a way to put this in more perspective. What if Lion found out I was masturbating rather than asking him for sex? How would he feel? I think he’d be crushed. I wouldn’t be cheating with someone else, but I would be telling him I don’t want him either. To me, that’s very similar to his masturbating. He’d be telling me he couldn’t control himself for me to give him an orgasm. I don’t think either one of us wants to hurt the other like that. For the record, and I can’t believe I feel the need to say it, I’m not masturbating either.

Having said all this, guess where Lion is right now. Yup. In his cage. Why? Because sometimes he whines so much it’s just easier to do what he wants to shut him up. And yes, I know I should have spanked him for whining. I’m pretty sure he still would have whined. And I would have put him in the damn cage. And he wouldn’t have masturbated even if I’d left him wild.

[Lion — I understand how she might be hurt if I jerked off. It’s just that to a guy, masturbation is a little like breathing. It’s a lifelong activity that doesn’t merit much thought. That may be one reason why male chastity hardware is important as a tool to train a male to stop jerking off.

I don’t think I will masturbate. But I am very concerned that something as important and ingrained as our disciplinary relationship would be shattered by jerking off. I think it is too important to be stopped for any behavioral error I make.

Speaking of behavioral errors, it is not too late for punishing me for whining, if that’s what I did. The latest mention of a male chastity device was just last night.]

Our disciplinary relationship is very simple.. Break a rule and get spanked. This time-tested formula has been working for children and adults for thousands of years. What happens if the offense is very serious? By serious I’m referring to how the disciplinary wife feels about the misbehavior.

Mrs. Lion considers masturbation’s a very serious offense. She compares it to cheating with another woman. I sort of understand where she gets this idea. I’m having sex with somebody other than her. That somebody, of course, is me. The other day when I was asking Mrs. Lion to please return me to a chastity device, I suggested it would remove the temptation to jerk off. She said that I would never do that because I know how serious such a transgression would be.

Years ago when this topic came up, I wondered if it was so serious our marriage could end if I did it. Apparently she remembered that conversation (and post) and wanted to make it clear that rubbing one out would not trigger a divorce. In her post, We’re Having Fun, she clarified by saying that she would end our male chastity if I ever got myself off.

Later, while we were in bed, I asked her what that meant? She said that she wouldn’t tease me every day and we would just have “regular” sex. She went on to say that meant she would start stimulating me and continue until I ejaculate. She also implied that she would do this fairly infrequently.

Does this mean that she would return us to the state we were in seven years ago? In those days, masturbation was the principal way I got off. Once every three or four weeks I might get a handjob or a blow job. I certainly don’t like that idea. The problem with using that as the punishment for jerking off is that we also lose the intimacy and fun we’ve developed over the years. I assume she has no intention of ending her role as my disciplinary wife.

Essentially, this punishment would encourage me to do exactly the behavior she forbids. It also doesn’t just affect me. In fact, it could start a chain reaction that could poison everything we’ve built. I understand that in her mind there are two absolutely horrible things I can do: the worst would be having an affair with another woman. Less serious, she says, is jerking off. She told me that she didn’t want me to believe that masturbating and having an affair were close to equal in terms of the damage they would do.

That’s good. I am far more likely to jerk off than go hunting for another sexual partner. That still leaves us with how she could punish something so serious. First of all, this is a sexual offense. This and cheating are the only two we have. Let’s ignore cheating. If I ever did that it would devastate us both. It’s not going to happen.

lion wearing the heart on chastity device
A full-coverage chastity device like the Heart-On male chastity device I am wearing would be excellent for punishment lockup. It encapsulates my cock and balls. (Click here to visit the manufacturer’s site)

Masturbation, on the other hand, is possible. It’s true that seven years of male chastity has conditioned me not to do it. But when my penis is not locked in a device and accessible I could have a weak moment. If I do, it makes sense that the punishment fit the crime and be sexual as well. I would suggest that a much less damaging and considerably more unpleasant punishment would be to lock me in a chastity device and not unlock me for an extended period of time. The threat of a month or more of continuous lockup is something that strikes fear into my heart.

I can think of a thousand reasons why she shouldn’t do this: I need to get out to keep clean. She needs to inspect me to make sure there are no sore spots, etc. None of them are particularly important. If for some reason during this punishment she does need access, she can do it without allowing me any pleasure.

The reason I bring this up is that I believe the punishment should advance our intimacy and closeness. By making punishment rather impersonal and remote from our day-to-day love, I suffer the consequences of my actions without damaging our relationship. Even extensive, continuous lockup, while unpleasant, still allows us to cuddle and even fondle. The only change is that my penis isn’t invited to the party.