Several days ago I started taking Prevagen to see if I could improve my brain function. Ironically, that’s about the time I started having headaches and a foggier brain. Headache is one of the side effects so I didn’t take it this morning. I’m hoping the headache and fog wear off today. I certainly don’t need any help having trouble thinking.

Yesterday, Lion told me I need to stand my ground. If I want him to have an orgasm, he should have an orgasm. He doesn’t want to influence me. I think that ship has sailed. How can he not influence me? Everything from what’s for breakfast (he wanted English muffins and I wanted bagels) to when he should have an orgasm (he thinks he should wait). But the hardest part right now is the brain fog and headache. I just don’t care what we have for breakfast or when he has an orgasm. Concepts more involved than where I parked the car are not something I want to deal with right now. Should he be spanked for asking for the cage to be put on? Fog. Do I want fries with that? Fog. We didn’t play last night because of my head. I’m determined to play tonight regardless of what it feels like.

Lion was complaining (not annoyingly) that he was itchy near the cage. I’ll have to unlock him before he takes a shower so he can make sure to clean under it. And then I’ll leave it off till we play. Yes, I trust him. I’m sure he can make it a few hours without the cage. If I have to put it back on after the shower, it will stay on until tomorrow. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.

We haven’t been using the Box O’Fun. When we play, we’ve been coming up with our own ideas of what to do. This is fine. This is great, actually. As long as we keep going with it, we don’t need the box. It’s just there to make sure we don’t stall out. Sometimes doing the same things over and over can get boring. Yes, I said I get bored sometimes. That’s what I meant all those years ago when I said things could get boring. Tie up the balls, clothespins, tie up the balls, butt plug, tie up the balls, clothespins. Boring. When we leave it to chance, there’s an element of danger. Oh no, will he get Icy Hot this time? Come on butt plug!! Damn! Tiny clothespins. Also, by asking Lion if he has a preference, I’m allowing him to avoid something he’s really not in the mood for. Is he ever in the mood for Icy Hot? Maybe not, but I’m sure there are times he’s more open to it.

The key to all of this is to have fun. If we don’t change it up from time to time, it can get to be less fun. Dare I say, boring? Lion’s already said he’s bored with handjobs. That was a blanket statement. I’m sure if I threw one in every once in a while he’d be fine with it. Soon he may tire of blow jobs. I try to keep them interesting. A little extra pressure there. Maybe a little more suction. Slower strokes. I like to try to perfect my technique. I’m sure Lion appreciates it. [Lion — I do!!!]

We use our blog as a sort of safe space. That’s not entirely accurate. I use it as a safe space, Mrs. Lion uses it to report the latest news. I often float ideas that I think might be fun. Mrs. Lion almost always ignores them. Or, if she doesn’t, she never lets me know her reaction unless I ask her directly.

I had 3 orgasms in July as opposed to 4 in July 2019. My total for the year to date is 22 versus 31 in 2019.

For the record, I’m not proposing anything today. I am still locked in my now-pink Evotion chastity device. When wearing a chastity device, I get to see a lot more of my balls. The device keeps them front and center. They are also divided by the cage.

I ended July with just three orgasms. This brings my total to 22 so far this year compared with 31 at the same time in 2019. I expect that my total will continue shrinking compared to last year. This is especially true now that Mrs. Lion is feeling less inclined to let me ejaculate. We both agree that it’s more fun when it’s fairly easy to edge me. An orgasm resets my sexual clock and it takes at least four days before edging is easy again.

On Sunday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me. I had been in the cage without release for play for 48 hours. That’s not a big deal. My penis was very happy to escape its cage. I was getting hard before she even touched me. When I’m wild, that just doesn’t happen. I think that the chastity device’s suppression of erections may have something to do with this. More than preventing unauthorized ejaculation, the device absolutely prevents any expression of sexual arousal. Apparently my body knows the difference between an erection that has been stifled by the cage and one that is allowed to grow unencumbered.

I don’t think that Mrs. Lion is convinced that edging me and observing my frustration is particularly entertaining. I imagine she needs to be in a kind of mood to enjoy my frustration before it’s really fun for her. I don’t think it was particularly entertaining for her on Sunday night. I had a good time up to a point.

All of this post so far took place within less than 30 minutes. Some of our readers wonder what we do with the other 23 1/2 hours. When we are home, or for that matter when I’m home alone, I am completely naked. Mrs. Lion sometimes joins me in an unclothed state but others find her in shorts and a T-shirt.

On Sunday we slept in. I woke up about 9 AM and Mrs. Lion snoozed until about 10. When we were both awake, I put on the TV and we watched QVC. There is a Sunday kitchen show we enjoy. We rarely buy anything but enjoy seeing the presentations. This week, they featured breaded chicken breasts for a mere six dollars each. Holy crap! People actually buy them.

In the past, we’ve ordered delicious crumb cake and croissants made and frozen in France. You put the frozen dough on a cookie sheet and bake for about 30 minutes. I don’t know what they cost. They’re just wonderful! Unlike the chicken breasts, there’s nothing like them here in the Pacific Northwest. We also by an occasional gadget. We avoid cookware and knives. I suppose we are snobs, at least I am. I have very specific taste in cutlery and cookware. I have professional chef knives. I got them very inexpensively from the manufacturer when I exhibited at a housewares show along with them.

After we wrote our posts, I got dressed and we drove in search of farm stands. I was surprised to learn that there actually are farms on our side of the Cascade Mountains. The climate on the west side of the mountains, particularly in the Seattle area, tends to be relatively cloudy and cool. We get a lot of sun through the summer months into October. However, the temperatures remain quite cool. Most of the summer has daytime highs in the 80s and at night it goes down as low as 50. Our latitude is actually north of the top of the state of Maine. Our peculiar geography keeps our temperatures moderate. Our winters rarely go below freezing. Garrison Keillor once commented that in our area we have spring nine months of the year and summer for the remaining three.

We managed to score some beets, pickle-sized cucumbers. We would have to drive another 50 or 60 miles across the mountain pass to get to the much hotter, farming areas of the state if we want fruit and other veggies. Our side of the mountains has very little until later in the year.

After we got home, Mrs. Lion did some chores and I did some reading. I’m disappointed that I’m not steady enough on my feet to be particularly helpful around the house. Of course, I set up the coffee pot. Failing to do that earns me a meeting with Mrs. Lion’s paddle. Speaking of which, it’s been well over a week since she’s spanked me.

We had leftover Chinese food for dinner. Yum! Mrs. Lion took a shower and then once back in the bedroom, asked me what sort of play I wanted. I had no suggestion. She said that I would be sorry and smiled. Before I knew it, she had her Velcro out. She had unlocked me just before getting the Velcro. As she put a band around my penis, she commented that it was too bad I was getting hard on my own. The Velcro really hurts if she puts it on while I’m soft and then she makes me hard. The compression combined with the prickly Velcro hooks is quite unpleasant.

Even though I was a little hard, her Velcro band had the opportunity to put a strong squeeze on me. If I complain, she mentions that if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t get hard. No fair! She also likes to make that comment when putting extremely painful tiny clothespins on the head of my penis. She laughs and says that her weenie gives me away.


I suppose it does. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Even so, we managed to have a very good time. We aren’t particularly social creatures so the necessary isolation dictated by the pandemic doesn’t really bother us at all. We are happy with each other’s company. We like going on our little adventures and otherwise we stay home and make adventures of our own.

I started feeling all headache-y again this morning. I assumed it was a sinus headache. Now it feels more like the migraine from the other day is still floating around in there. I hate that. Get over with already. If I sound even more spacey than usual, I’m blaming it on the headache.

Yesterday, we spent some time running around looking for fresh fruits and vegetables. We found some beets and cucumbers but we’d hoped for non-U-pick blueberries and raspberries. Maybe we’ll find them next weekend. It was nice to get out and explore the area though. Today I’ll search for canning supplies so we can pickle the cucumbers.

Last night I toyed with the idea of leaving Lion locked up since he said punishing him with only one extra day locked up didn’t have much effect. He also said leaving him locked up would likely not have much effect anyway. Oh well. I tried. I unlocked him, wrapped some Velcro around my weenie, and edged him a bunch of times.

I’m still not convinced I should keep edging him for a long time. I like giving him orgasms. Yes, it does take him a few days to recharge and get horny enough to edge again, but is that my fault? Why should I suffer? I want to give him an orgasm dammit! Yes, I like when he’s super horny. But I like giving him orgasms. Argh!

I’m also not convinced about the cage. I wonder if I give him an orgasm and then put him in the cage, would he get horny more quickly? That might be worth an experiment. I guess I’ll keep playing with him before I give in. But that may be an answer to his longer refractiory times. Being wild messes with it. Rats!

Lion is making dinner tonight. By the time I get home, things should be in the final stages. My fingers are crossed. It will be my third night of not cooking. I could get used to that.

Mrs. Lion didn’t like it when I asked her a few times to lock me back up in a chastity device. She said I was whining. After a bit of discussion, she decided to punish me for annoying her. Since the whining was about being in a chastity device, she decided an appropriate punishment was to leave me locked up without teasing. I was to remain in the device without any play for a day.

It’s true that we do play pretty much every day. I was a little disappointed when she told me this. It didn’t have a big effect on me. I mentally shrugged. Apparently, this particular punishment means more to her than it does to me. While driving around yesterday, I brought the subject up. I told her that spanking was far more effective. I said that maybe leaving me locked up longer might have more impact. There’s a decent chance it won’t.

Even though I would really hate a long term withdrawal of BDSM and sex, I’m not sure that I would make the sort of mental connection that Mrs. Lion wants. Spanking, on the other hand, has an immediate, strong effect on me. Aside from the obvious pain, I also have a firm association between being paddled and misbehaving. For years now, it effectively trains me. If we had started out with withholding sex as a punishment, perhaps that would work too.

I can only speak for how things work for me. Orgasm control is practiced in widely different ways. In most respects, the male controls how this game works. Men over the age of 40 are unlikely to get so horny they’ll do anything to get off. That’s sort of thing is pure fantasy. In my case, wearing a chastity device has a strong effect on me that isn’t related to a craving to ejaculate.

When I’m locked into a device, I am very aware that Mrs. Lion is in charge. The presence of a locked device on my penis is absolutely obvious evidence of her power. That doesn’t mean the power comes from my yearning to ejaculate. When we first started, we had that idea. We both thought that as long as I actively craved sex, the orgasm denial was effective. At the point when I became more indifferent, it was time for an orgasm to restart the clock.

Do I stop caring if I don’t get to ejaculate often enough?

In a sense that was true. After about two weeks of lockup and teasing, my interest wasn’t particularly strong when Mrs. Lion wasn’t actively stimulating me. We interpreted this to mean my interest in sex was falling off. During the time I’ve been wild, I’ve gone through periods when I wasn’t interested in sex. Even though my penis was available all the time, I just didn’t get horny. It turns out that’s a normal part of my sexual cycle.

Okay, now that I’m in a cage is there some sign that tells us it’s time to reset my sexual clock? Since we know that I’ve gone through periods of a week or more being fairly unresponsive to Mrs. Lion trying to masturbate me, how would we know if this disinterest was caused by a need for ejaculation or just my cycle?

There’s another factor we haven’t considered in the past: Could it be that I get bored with the kind of attention I’m getting and that’s at the root of my lack of interest. For the longest time, Mrs. Lion used her hand to arouse me and almost always to get me off as well. I really got tired of it.

In the last couple of months, she has been using her mouth almost exclusively for both teasings and making me ejaculate. I’ve enjoyed this immensely. Still, I can get tired of this as well. These are the only two options we have right now. However, other things may keep things interesting.

For example, a couple of weeks ago she tied up my balls very tightly and while she did it she masturbated me. The tight bondage pulled the skin on my penis very tight. That sensitive spot on the underside, just below the head, was fully exposed and she was stimulating it. I loved that. At one point she stopped and went to her mouth. I was very happy with that too. If she didn’t make that change, I would’ve gone on very happily getting more and more excited by her hand.

When it comes to teasing me, apparently if something doesn’t work, try a new approach. The other discovery we made was that at times I thought things just couldn’t go any further and I even started to lose my erection, persistent continued stimulation proved me very wrong. I would get aroused and if Mrs. Lion wasn’t careful, would ejaculate fairly soon after she restarted my motor.

I can’t explain what’s going on. I think that all of us are unique. This is just our experience. The point is that more often than not, Mrs. Lion can get me as aroused as she wants. This is true even at times I think I’m “done”. Most of the time she listens to me when I say this. However, at the times she decided to ignore this comment she’s managed to push me just as far as she could when I was tree-humping hot.

All this goes to prove that I am not the best judge of my sexual interest. I shouldn’t be trusted to report when I am not interested. Orgasm control means that the state of my arousal is not up to me. We have very good evidence that Mrs. Lion has the ability to get me as aroused as she wants even if I say I’m not in the mood.