Tied Balls And Blueberry Jam

Now that our posts are also becoming podcasts, both of us are much more aware of what we write. I think that writing for the spoken word may be improving the way our posts work for traditional readers. I like the idea that our content can be heard as well as seen.

As we planned, Mrs. Lion and I went to the pickle farm yesterday. We found everything we needed to make kosher dill style pickles, more bread-and-butter pickles, and more blueberry jam. We actually have enough blueberries to make another batch but since we are out of jars, we will just freeze the leftovers.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, “Another Busy Weekend “, she is planning to see how sexually aroused she can make me. I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon just after we finished our pickle and canning activities. Ever since I read her post I have been thinking about how it will feel when she ties up my balls and teases my penis. I don’t think I will be able to get to the edge, but I know Mrs. Lion will do her best. I’m at that time when it’s possible, but not probable that she can do it.

I miss wearing my male chastity device. We both know it isn’t really necessary to prevent me from masturbating. Without it I do get occasional erections. When it is on, my body can try but the male chastity device doesn’t leave enough room for any noticeable change to take place. I’m counting the days until my reprinted Evotion Orion reaches me. Knowing me, I’ll probably whine about having to wear it for the first few days.

While we were making our jam and pickles I upset Mrs. Lion. She told me that I was very close to being spanked. I apologized and explained that since I can’t see very well, I need her to give me more narration about what she is doing. She didn’t respond but I think she understood. I don’t blame her for losing patience with me. It can’t be easy living with a nearly-blind old lion. [Mrs. Lion — The annoyance (or near-annoyance) came because he wanted me to follow the recipe, but he kept telling me what to put in next. I can’t follow the recipe and do it in his order. He seemed to be getting testy with me so I warned him.]

She does everything she can to make me comfortable and happy. I try to stay out of her way and let her know how much I appreciate all she does for me. I know she has to do much more work than she did in the past. I’m lucky she is so loving and good-natured.

We are both hoping that the promised Federal unemployment money comes through. Our state notified me that they’ve applied for the $300 a week supplement from the federal government. No one is sure if or when this will come through. Mrs. Lion and I hope it is soon.

Meanwhile, there seems to be more traffic on the roads and that means people are finding places to go. It’s been weeks since we have seen anyone without a mask. That may be why our state is doing quite well managing COVID-19. My work has still not called me back so my furlough continues.

We both remain cheerful and hopeful. We are both very grateful that we found each other.


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  1. I’m glad you found each and choose to rite about your lives thank you

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