Another Busy Weekend

As Lion said, we took our camper for repairs yesterday. This year is a case of anything that can go wrong going wrong. I’m glad we decided not to go away last weekend because it turns out our camper fridge decided to crap out. It would have been a very long, long weekend without a fridge.

Today, we’re off to the pickle farm again to get more pickle and jam supplies. I think we’ll try another recipe for dills this time. More bread and butter and more blueberry jam is also on the menu. I hope Lion realizes this means his posterior waxing might not happen. It all depends on how long our Suzie Homemaker chores take.

Lion remains wild. I can’t see locking him in the Jail Bird only to have him peeing all over the place because he’s not lined up. It’s frustrating for both of us. I think he can manage being wild until the replacement Evotion male chastity device gets here. The only question is whether he’ll be as easy to arouse when he hasn’t been locked up.

Last night, Lion’s tummy was off. We were both tired. We didn’t do anything but snuggle toward the end of the night. I took a sleeping pill to be sure and knock myself out. I wish I could say I feel better this morning, but at least I got some sleep. We woke up around 9:30. I guess we both got some sleep. I hope, even with the canning and pickling, we’ll be a little more active tonight. Lion may not be able to get very far, but I think he needs to be played with tonight. It’s been a few days.

I’m thinking I’ll tie Lion’s balls up. That usually gets his motor running. He loves bondage. I don’t know about bandage’s ability to get him to the edge on the first night after several days off, but if anything can get him going, bondage is it. It’s the perfect first step. I bet my weenie would be just as excited by Icy Hot, but I’m trying to get all of Lion back in the game. His mind has just as much to do with it as my weenie does. I’ll do anything I can.