Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. We’re spending the day making pickles and jam. Very celebratory of us, I know. But it doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we’re together. Going out isn’t really safe right now and I think we’ve planned hamburgers for dinner, but we’re good. We don’t need anything fancy to celebrate. our wedding was low key and so are we.

I think I sabotaged Lion last night. When we were first starting out playing, he sighed. I took that to mean I wasn’t exciting him enough. He said he might be tired and said maybe we could play earlier today. It’s never a problem when he doesn’t want to play. However, I got the feeling afterward that he really did want to play. He wasn’t sighing because I was boring him. But he does want to play earlier in the day. That’s been hampered by trips to procure pickling supplies and by making said pickles. Today we’re starting earlier, though.

Sometimes I give Lion orgasms on special days. His birthday, for example, or our anniversary. Since we’re on vacation through Monday, I’m not sure I want to end the festivities tonight. Besides, it’s only been nine days since his last orgasm. How horny can he be? Oh, he can be very horny. We’ll see later on when the tiny clothespins come out.

Really? Tiny clothespins? Who decided that? Me. Just now. Consider it a special anniversary present. It’s one that Lion never would have asked for in a million years.


Now Lion will have something to look forward to while we make pickles and jam. At least I’m not making him wear the prickly jock strap. I could very easily tell him to put on the jock strap and his jeans, just to make sure the jock strap is pressed against weenie and the boys. But I’m not. I’m being nice by making him endure the tiny clothespins for mere seconds. Happy anniversary! I know. I’m so nice to him sometimes.

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