A Trip From The Pickle Farm To The Woodshed

We decided to make more bread and butter pickles. We both wanted to go back to the pickle farm. On the ride to the farm, I hijacked the conversation. At least that’s what Mrs. Lion said. She announced that I did it in the same tone of voice she uses when I get food on my shirt. She told me that I earned punishment. Fair enough. I was a little surprised by her light tone of voice, but it’s the content, not the tone that counts.

It can be dangerous chatting in the car with Mrs. Lion. I interrupted and took over the conversation. She did a monologue on my bottom.

Her tone didn’t change the dread I felt for the rest of the day. After dinner, I was told to get into spanking position. I put myself over the side of our bed. I don’t know what paddle Mrs. Lion chose, but it felt light (not thuddy). That doesn’t mean she can’t make it hurt. She can and does. I was yelping into the comforter. If she goes on punishing me for things that bother her, I’m sure I will improve quickly. That spanking really hurt.

I know, it’s supposed to.

Earlier, when we got home from the farm, Mrs. Lion strapped me into the prickly jockstrap (she wrote about it in Pickles and Prickles ). It is very uncomfortable, especially when the prickles poke the head of my penis. She took me out of the chastity device before she strapped me in. I discovered that if I limit my movement, it is more comfortable to wear.

The only problem is how tight the waist strap has to be in order to keep it up. If she makes me wear it under clothing, she won’t have to tighten it quite so much. We also have a prickly ball bag that straps around my genitals. We haven’t played with this yet. It might avoid the waist strap problem.

Mrs. Lion has been teasing me every night. On Thursday she waited about an hour after my spanking before she went to work. It felt great. She found just the right spot to stimulate me with her hand. She moved from jerking me off to her mouth. That, as usual, was wonderful. Nevertheless, I just couldn’t get to the edge. Thursday was the 8th day since my last orgasm. Apparently, despite the wait and how horny I have been feeling, something just won’t let me get as far as Mrs. Lion wants.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get hard quickly or respond to her teasing, I do. I just can’t seem to make that last step. I know that this will change without warning. Mrs. Lion will have to be careful not to miss the signs. After times like this, I tend to go from excited to ejaculating in seconds. I get no warning, it just happens. I’m lucky my lioness is so sensitive to me that she can spot ejaculation coming even when I can’t.

We are both having fun this staycation. I’ve settled into wearing a male chastity device. There are definitely times I wish it wasn’t there. Yes, I realize that’s the entire point. I get it but I don’t have to like it.


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      Thank you. We are having our own sort of fun 🙂

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