Sexual Punishment

Our disciplinary relationship is very simple.. Break a rule and get spanked. This time-tested formula has been working for children and adults for thousands of years. What happens if the offense is very serious? By serious I’m referring to how the disciplinary wife feels about the misbehavior.

Mrs. Lion considers masturbation’s a very serious offense. She compares it to cheating with another woman. I sort of understand where she gets this idea. I’m having sex with somebody other than her. That somebody, of course, is me. The other day when I was asking Mrs. Lion to please return me to a chastity device, I suggested it would remove the temptation to jerk off. She said that I would never do that because I know how serious such a transgression would be.

Years ago when this topic came up, I wondered if it was so serious our marriage could end if I did it. Apparently she remembered that conversation (and post) and wanted to make it clear that rubbing one out would not trigger a divorce. In her post, We’re Having Fun, she clarified by saying that she would end our male chastity if I ever got myself off.

Later, while we were in bed, I asked her what that meant? She said that she wouldn’t tease me every day and we would just have “regular” sex. She went on to say that meant she would start stimulating me and continue until I ejaculate. She also implied that she would do this fairly infrequently.

Does this mean that she would return us to the state we were in seven years ago? In those days, masturbation was the principal way I got off. Once every three or four weeks I might get a handjob or a blow job. I certainly don’t like that idea. The problem with using that as the punishment for jerking off is that we also lose the intimacy and fun we’ve developed over the years. I assume she has no intention of ending her role as my disciplinary wife.

Essentially, this punishment would encourage me to do exactly the behavior she forbids. It also doesn’t just affect me. In fact, it could start a chain reaction that could poison everything we’ve built. I understand that in her mind there are two absolutely horrible things I can do: the worst would be having an affair with another woman. Less serious, she says, is jerking off. She told me that she didn’t want me to believe that masturbating and having an affair were close to equal in terms of the damage they would do.

That’s good. I am far more likely to jerk off than go hunting for another sexual partner. That still leaves us with how she could punish something so serious. First of all, this is a sexual offense. This and cheating are the only two we have. Let’s ignore cheating. If I ever did that it would devastate us both. It’s not going to happen.

lion wearing the heart on chastity device
A full-coverage chastity device like the Heart-On male chastity device I am wearing would be excellent for punishment lockup. It encapsulates my cock and balls. (Click here to visit the manufacturer’s site)

Masturbation, on the other hand, is possible. It’s true that seven years of male chastity has conditioned me not to do it. But when my penis is not locked in a device and accessible I could have a weak moment. If I do, it makes sense that the punishment fit the crime and be sexual as well. I would suggest that a much less damaging and considerably more unpleasant punishment would be to lock me in a chastity device and not unlock me for an extended period of time. The threat of a month or more of continuous lockup is something that strikes fear into my heart.

I can think of a thousand reasons why she shouldn’t do this: I need to get out to keep clean. She needs to inspect me to make sure there are no sore spots, etc. None of them are particularly important. If for some reason during this punishment she does need access, she can do it without allowing me any pleasure.

The reason I bring this up is that I believe the punishment should advance our intimacy and closeness. By making punishment rather impersonal and remote from our day-to-day love, I suffer the consequences of my actions without damaging our relationship. Even extensive, continuous lockup, while unpleasant, still allows us to cuddle and even fondle. The only change is that my penis isn’t invited to the party.

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