Somehow We Work

My head still feels foggy. I didn’t feel well enough to play with Lion last night. Today, I’ve taken Tylenol and sinus pills in an attempt to be ready for him tonight. The heat doesn’t seem to be helping me either. The best we can do is stay in front of the fans and air conditioners. The biggest problem right now is that Lion is cold with the air conditioner on. He burrows under the blankets and asks if he can turn it off. Meanwhile, I feel like I’m having hot flashes again. This is true whether I have clothes on or not. It’s the same in the winter too. Lion is cold and I’m warm, regardless of how many clothes either of us is wearing. We are truly opposites.

As long as my head doesn’t actually hurt tonight, we should be good to go. I can work through fog. I just spent all morning working through fog. I can certainly tie up some balls and suck on my weenie. If I don’t make any sudden movements, I’ll make it.

Regardless of whether Lion wants to choose his own activity tonight, I’m going to put all the cards back in the Box O’Fun. Clearly we don’t want to deal with the anal stuff that’s left. If it’s all just mixed up with the rest, we might be more likely to do it. It’s perfectly fine for us to go on the way we have for the past week or so. Either Lion or I can choose what we’ll do. When we run out of ideas, we have the box to fall back on. That seems reasonable to me. Anything to keep us moving forward.

In a few weeks, (I can’t believe it’s August already) we’ll have our fifteenth wedding anniversary. We both agree it feels simultaneously like we’ve been together forever and the time has gone by in the blink of an eye. I guess that’s a testimony to how well we fit together. It still doesn’t make sense on paper. He likes classical music and I like alt rock. He’s cold and I’m hot. He likes fine food and I like Twinkies. But somehow it all works out.