We’re Having Fun

I had a headache Tuesday night and another on Wednesday night. This morning I woke up with one. It quickly morphed into a migraine. I’d say Lion doesn’t have a hope in hell for play tonight, but it might feel better later. I never know. Last night I asked what he wanted to do. He said he doesn’t get a choice. Hello? I’ve been asking the past few days. If I didn’t want him to have a say, I wouldn’t have asked. He said he could always go for clothespins and then quickly added that he meant regular wood clothespins. Bummer. Well, he might get his choice but I can put a twist on it.

I wasn’t going to swing all the way to the nasty dollhouse clothespins. I’m not that mean. However, we just did the regular clothespins not too long ago. I put a bunch on him the other day and avoided the stripe up the middle. This time I grabbed the clothespins with the grip tape on them. They’re mean too, but nowhere near as mean as the little ones. And I put them straight up the stripe. There are some spots that really hurt. I made sure I was at least close to them if I didn’t entirely hit them. My weenie was very excited. It’s interesting how the weenie enjoys himself even though the surrounding area is hurting. Of course, when the tiny clothespins are on the head, the weenie still enjoys himself. He’s a strange little being.

I still sucked Lion after I was done with the clothespins. He got close and had a very good time, but he still ended rather abruptly. I’m not sure why. As long as he’s enjoying himself along the way, I won’t get too concerned that he can’t last long. But when I decide it’s time for an orgasm, he better look like being ready. (I talk a good game but what can I really do if he’s not ready. Even if I spank him, it probably won’t change anything.) All I can do is keep at it until I get him off. Poor me, having to suck him more. Good thing I love doing it.

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