Lion Keeps Bleeding on my Paddle

Lion annoyed me a few times in the past few days. He asked if he’d be punished. I said he probably should be. Sometimes I think it’s more trouble than it’s worth to punish him for annoying me. It seems more annoying to punish him than the annoyance that created it. But, I agreed to it so last night I whomped him.

split rubber spanking paddle
This is the heavy rubber split paddle (tawse). You can see some of the damage it did.

I used a rubber paddle with a split-tip. It wasn’t the one I was looking for. I was after the rubber paddle with the bigger head, but I found the split one first. Any port in a storm.

We’ve been trying to figure out why Lion bleeds when I swat him. He never used to bleed unless I hit him long and hard. I know I’m hitting harder, in general, but he bleeds more quickly than I think he should. Last night he put a pillow under him to see if that would help. If by “help” he meant would it make him bleed more, then mission accomplished. Normally he bleeds first on his right cheek and not on his left. His left is usually folded just under his cheek so he’ll get red on either side of the crease and a white stripe down the middle. Last night he bled first on the left side. It’s like we can’t win with the bleeding. [Lion — There is a pimple there that bled earlier in the day when I scratched it.]

Aside from the obvious breaking of skin, bleeding is not something I’m looking for because I can’t tell how red his buns are. Is he really that red or is it just the blood being transferred from the paddle? Unless I keep a wet cloth nearby to wipe him off, I just see red. The other issue is splatter. I felt some splatter hit my leg last night. That’s less of a problem than spreading blood on the carpet and other hard to clean areas. I didn’t actually see any blood on me, but I did feel it. It can get messy if I’m not careful.

I haven’t asked him this morning, but I doubt he feels any residual effects from being spanked. He rarely does. I know he was screaming into the comforter, but that’s not necessarily an indicator of his feeling it the next day. Some paddles just hurt more than others but don’t leave a lasting impression. I’m not necessarily going for bruises or even pain the next day. My job is to make it something he’ll work to avoid. I hope I’ve been doing a good job of that.

[Lion — She is!]