The Three Things You Need To Know To Get Started With Male Chastity

You’ve heard about male chastity. If you’ve been researching it on the Web you have found a lot of pretty strange stuff written about it. Mrs. Lion and I started in 2013. I thought I would offer a simple guide to explain this strange male game. All you need to know is in this short post.

1 Male Chastity is a sex game initiated by men It’s a very simple game. The man turns over control of his penis to his partner. She is called his keyholder. Generally, the man wears a chastity device which makes sexual access to his penis very difficult. His keyholder locks and unlocks his penis. Mrs. Lion kept me locked in a device except when she wanted to tease me or bring me to orgasm.

Most couples who play this game, do it for relatively short periods of time: a weekend, or even several weeks. Some, like us, make it a part of our marriage. I haven’t had an orgasm that Mrs. Lion didn’t give me since we started years ago.

2 The “Rules” are simple Most of what you may read about male chastity is fiction. The stories are generally elaborate tales of sexual slavery. The real game is nothing like that. The one and only rule that both partners need to agree on is that he is not permitted to have sexual release unless it is given to him by his keyholder. Wearing a male chastity device will make this easier for both partners.

We also include regular teasing as part of our game. Mrs. Lion will bring me to the edge of orgasm over and over and then lock me up again. She likes me to wait about a week between orgasms. Even if I am not wearing a chastity device I am not allowed to masturbate. She has full sexual control of my penis. Period.

After playing for a while, the two of you can add more rules. Some couples require the chaste male to pleasure his partner a certain number of times before he is eligible for an orgasm. You both can decide how you want to play. We keep it very simple and we both really enjoy the game.

Shortest Jail Bird on Lion's penis
This is my 1-inch Jail Bird male chastity device. It’s custom made by Mature Metal. It looks uncomfortably tight but actually feels very good. It effectively prevents me from enjoying any sexual arousal.

3 Shopping for a chastity device isn’t complicated A male chastity device is a durable covering for the penis that is locked on so that he has no sexual access to it. Most are a combination of a base ring that goes around his cock and balls and a cage that covers his cock and locks to the base ring. This ring is small enough to not allow his balls to slip out when the device is not on. It shouldn’t be too tight. That will just hurt. The most common size is 1 3/4 inches (55mm).

The cage should be only slightly narrower than his flaccid penis. If it is the same width or a bit wider, that won’t matter. Too narrow can cause medical issues. I’ve found that the cage length is best if short. My flaccid penis usually measures about 2 inches in length (measured on the underside where the scrotum meets the penis). I am very comfortable and secure in a cage that measures just one-inch long. Shorter is better than longer. Compressing the length of the penis is not harmful. The cage should be at least as long as the head of the penis.

that’s it!

You have enough information to start playing. Chances are good that if you are a woman, your partner asked you to read this. My best advice is to let him shop for and purchase his chastity device. Once he gets it, both of you can learn how to lock it on. Then, try it out. It may not be a good fit so make sure he can get out if it hurts him. Once he is safely locked away in a cage he can tolerate, have fun.


  1. In a lot of the cases I read and know about, it’s the man who brings this up or asks for it. I guess it makes me unusual, since I’m the one who introduced husband (who was my BF at the time) to it. It actually had and still has a serious security purpose to it. Later, I also started using it as a disciplinary method and still do.

    1. Author

      You are the rare exception.

  2. hmm i did it to myself before i had a Mistress and while going thru my divorce so that i wouldn’t masturbate as much. keeping it on for weeks a t a time before touching myself

    1. Author

      When you do it yourself you make the rules. I’m glad it was useful for you.

      1. indeed i made and continue to make the rules and can unlock myself anytime but i work on my self control to get stronger

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