Lion made the suggestion to add more anal cards to the Box O’Fun. I guess he’s lost track of what’s left. There’s a pegging card and a figging card in there. I’d say that qualifies as anal. Of course, I can always add more anal cards. I can also just do anal things without his picking a card. I think I gave him the ability to request things rather than just picking from the box. If I didn’t, I do now. As long as we play, it doesn’t matter which way we arrive there.

Last night I made stir fry. We were both full. Lion chose the blindfold card from the Box O’Fun and I said I had a plan for him so he didn’t have to pick another card. He asked if we could delay playing because he was so full. That’s not a problem. I know I don’t like to play when I’m full and I’m not even the one having something done to me. By the time we decided to play, it seemed too late so we pushed it off until today. He’ll still get his blindfold and I’ll still do my plan from last night. It will all work out.

The Box O’Fun was resurrected recently as a way to make sure we play most nights. Having different activities on cards helps prevent doing certain things over and over. I generally go between tying his balls, clothespins, and Velcro. It can get boring. However, if he has a desire for something, I think he should be able to request it. Does he want a butt plug? We can do that. Would he like to be blindfolded and have me surprise him with something? He may wind up with Velcro or clothespins, but we can do that.

Choosing from the box keeps us moving. We can’t lapse into inertia if the box is brought out every night. That’s not to say he has to pick from it. If he opts out, I still get “credit” for the offering. If he opts out too often, I’ll need to know why. I can’t have him fall victim to inertia too. As long as he has a reason, we’re good.

As soon as I get done with work, we’re heading to the big city to run an errand. On the way back, we’re stopping by a bakery to grab a cake from one of the only decent bakeries around here. Then we’ll come home and spend our weekend together. Whether I add anal cards to the box or not, I see anal play in Lion’s future.