Lioness 3.0 On The Road

It may come as no surprise that being quarantined hasn’t affected us much at all. In fact, I love it. Instead of not wanting to go out, I wasn’t able to. Stay at home! Okay. You don’t have to twist my arm. We’re not doing all that much outside of the home now that we’re able to venture out. I’m annoyed that I have to go into the office two days a week. What’s the point?

I stupidly told Lion about a farm near us that sells produce. Why was that stupid? Now he wants to go. We settled on heading to the local farmers market this afternoon. They should have a variety of fresh fruit and veggies. We also have to go into Seattle to rescue a picture we had framed. It’s been lounging there since March. We really do need to get it. Both involve going out. The virus isn’t the only reason I don’t want to go out. I just like being home. Well, I don’t much like people in general, so avoiding them is what I really like.

When I first got my driver’s license and my car, my friend and I used to drive around until we got ourselves lost and then see how long it took to get to a place we recognized. This was before GPS and navigation. Hell, it was even before cell phones. I like doing that and I was hoping we could explore a little in our new area when it finally got warmer. Then the virus hit. We haven’t been out wandering much. However, when I try to explore a tiny bit while we’re out running errands, Lion gets nervous, for want of a better word. He mutters, “You like doing that.” I’ve pushed down the urge to explore because it seems like he doesn’t want to. Just the other day I realized, doesn’t he want to do the same thing when we’re camping? I drive endless hours exploring new places and even re-exploring old places. It gets old. I never feel like I get much of a vacation if I’m always driving.

So…you know what…I’m going to start exploring around here with or without Lion. You can chalk it up to an annoyance or my putting my foot down. This female-led relationship is hitting the road. Not every day. Maybe not every week. I just want to take the road less taken (by us) every so often. Where does that road go? Let’s find out. Where is that business? Let’s look. Sometimes we find things we never would have found any other way.

What does this have to do with male chastity or female led relationships? If Lion wants to keep having oral sex and doesn’t want to annoy me, he’ll either come along or he’ll stay home and be quiet. If he comes with me and whines, he’ll feel a paddle when we get home. Maybe this is Lioness 3.0 Wandering Edition.

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