As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, COVID Brain, a sort of inertia has set in. I’m not sure exactly why she’s feeling this way, but clearly she’s finding it to be a problem to do most things including disciplining me.

I’m probably suffering from the same thing. It manifests itself by my general indifference to sex. I’m not sure I want to blame it on COVID-19 I think it’s more the pressure of being on furlough and worrying that I’ll never get back to work. The point is that it’s very bad for me to transfer worrying about things I can’t control to things I can.

We can probably fix things by doing what we always do: turn voluntary activities into mandatory ones. For example, on Tuesday night Mrs. Lion asked me if I wanted to do the Box O’Fun. I replied that I didn’t.


It’s my side of the equation that balances to Mrs. Lion’s lack of interest in disciplining me. This isn’t a new problem for us. It happened when we first started domestic discipline. We cured it by establishing concrete, easy-to-follow rules. Break one, get spanked. In the beginning, quite a few readers commented that it seemed cruel and unfair to spank me for something as trivial as spilling a little food on my shirt. It was unfair in the sense that it didn’t warrant so much pain, but it served its purpose: we learned to punish infractions of rules.

To this day I can expect a severe spanking if I spill food or eat first. It’s part of our marriage. It may be time to require some other things. Perhaps the Box O’Fun is mandatory every night or at least six out of seven nights. I agree that this should probably not start the day after an orgasm. I would suggest that it start on the third day. Mrs. Lion decides which nights to take off if she wishes. But, it is mandatory otherwise.

The next idea is a little more difficult to implement. Obviously deciding which things are annoying enough to warrant a spanking is very subjective. Mrs. Lion correctly pointed out that spanking me would just be another annoyance on top of the one that earned it. She also said that it’s difficult for her to decide what the threshold is for a spankable annoyance.

Should I be spanked because I asked her to turn on the window fan after she sat down? I agree it’s a small thing and in reality, I don’t think I could have avoided doing it. I can’t see very well on my left side and that is where the window and Mrs. Lion are at night. So it would be very unlikely I could ask her right at the time she was by the window.

On the other hand, spanking me for asking her after she sat down isn’t very different than me spilling a little food on my shirt. It’s certainly excusable in the broader scope of things. However, if Mrs. Lion is having an issue with deciding what warrants a spanking, the best way to start is to make anything that gives her that little twinge, spankable.

I agree that it would be even more annoying to turn on the fan then spank me. There’s no question that I would learn the lesson more quickly if she did. However, setting that up as a pattern will probably make it more difficult for her to decide to enforce anything. Instead, maybe she could just inform me that I committed a spankable offense. Then, at her earliest convenience when it wouldn’t be so annoying to her, she could spank me. She could also make it my job to remind her if she forgets.

She brought up another interesting point when we talked about this: What if I commit more than one offense within a day? I reminded her that this actually happened a few times when we were starting out. She spanked me two or three times a day for a few days. It was very unpleasant. It hasn’t happened since.

If I commit more than one spankable offense before she gets around to punishing the first one, should she just give me one spanking and make it cover both? In the past, she has operated this way. If she wants to do this, it works as far as I can tell. I think it would be more effective if I received a separate spanking for each offense. I have a very strong feeling that I would be much more careful if I received more than one spanking in a day. She could space them any way she wants.

I think we both understand that we are at another crossroads. Based on our past experience, it’s likely we will just have to bite the bullet and become inflexible for a while. Until we have developed disciplinary habits around annoying Mrs. Lion, I think every annoyance should be punished. I am very sure it won’t take me long to find ways to avoid earning annoyance spankings.


  1. I spilled something on my shirt today. Every time I do that, I think of you and being spanked for it. I don’t do it very often at all, but on occasion. Today I was driving and trying to eat a burger. Ketchup and mayo dropped onto my shirt. I was annoyed, but then I thought of you. I think being annoyed is better than having my ass tanned! lol

    1. Author

      Lucky you! Since I am naked at home, whenever I get food on my chest I breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not wearing a shirt.

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