Waxed, Pinned and Sucked Lion

I mowed the first half of the lawn yesterday and the second half of the Lion. He’s fur-free, except for the inevitable spots I missed. He’s happier being smooth as a baby’s butt. I can go either way.

Lion still snoozed a lot yesterday. In one of his more coherent moments, I asked if he wanted to pick from the Box O’Fun. He did. He chose pegging. We both vetoed that. That’s the sort of thing you have to be in the mood for and neither of us were. His next choice was blindfold with a bonus choice. There are an awful lot of clothespin cards in the box because there are an awful lot of variations. He chose coated clothespins. They are coated with a sandpaper-like surface right where it counts.

Of course, with the blindfold on, he had no idea what was going to happen. I realized if I pulled out a bag of clothespins, he’d hear what I was doing but I really couldn’t find them at first. When I found them I’d gone through a few plastic bags and I told him I couldn’t find them. I was hoping he had no idea what I was looking for. The blindfold is supposed to add an element of surprise. [Lion — I had no idea.]

I started out rubbing his balls and trying to get him hard. He says it’s better if he’s turned on first. Better for him, I suppose. This doesn’t work in the case of the Velcro. I like to put that on when he’s soft so it gets progressively tighter as he gets hard. That’s not to say I don’t massage his balls and play with my weenie. I do. I just stop before he’s hard. Once he was interested, I started putting the clothespins on his balls. I left two off so I could put them on his boobies. He gets nothing from clothespins on his nipples but I think it’s funny. And it hurts so that’s a bonus.

There are a few spots I know are very sensitive to clothespins. I always try to make sure I hit them. Even if I’m not doing the stripe right down the middle, I usually put one on a sensitive spot. Why not? Am I not going for pain? Since I know clothespins hurt going on and off but not much once they’re on, I wiggle them and tug on them. I have to have some fun, right?

If he had gotten harder and we had gotten to the edge, I was considering giving him an orgasm. Even though it’s only been a few days, I want to make up for the ruined orgasm he had. As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking he’s lucky he had an orgasm of any sort, but we both hate ruined orgasms. I always want him to have a good orgasm…not often, but good.

When the clothespin were safely put away, I gave Lion oral sex again. I know he’s probably getting spoiled and he may even say he’s bored with it like he’s bored with handjobs, but it really is easier on me. Sitting on the bed next to him annoys my knees, back and shoulders. Laying across the bed generally doesn’t hurt much. My neck and shoulders can get tired, but the benefit outweighs that. I don’t think Lion was particularly interested. He never got fully hard. He was making noises as if he was close, but I think he was just happy to be sucked. I don’t mind his being soft as long as it feels good. I just don’t want to continue if he’s not getting anywhere and he usually tells me.