We are enjoying a quiet Sunday. Mrs. Lion made bacon and eggs for breakfast. It’s our dog’s birthday; she’s 8. She got two new toys. Both are big hits. She’s been running around squeaking one or the other all day.

Mrs. Lion waxes my flip side today. I’m not very hairy in back, so it is much quicker and easier for her. I spend a good part of the time on my knees with my butt in the air. That makes waxing my crack, ass, and perineum easier to access. It’s a vulnerable, sexy position. The rest of the back waxing is done with me on my stomach.

Mrs. Lion offered me the Box O’Fun on Saturday night. I asked to skip it. The hour was late and Mrs. Lion was worn out from her waxing chore. Maybe tonight we can do something. To be clear, I am writing this on Sunday afternoon while the wax finishes melting.

I have been thinking about sex. What a surprise! Oddly, my thoughts have been about vaginal sex. We haven’t done that since March 2018. The time before that was 2016. There’s a good reason for this: Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself.

I’m not lobbying for vaginal sex right now. I would hope some would be in our future. I am just trying to see if there is a way to light Mrs. Lion’s fire without making her feel she is under pressure to feel something that just isn’t there. I’m fine with our status quo, as long as she is happy too.

In her post yesterday, she said that waxing my lower legs is very difficult for her. We talked about it. I’m fine if I am furry there. I like my upper thighs hairless. As long as she tapers the transition to my hairy area, I’m fine eliminating the lower legs.

(Later, waxing all done)

Given the state of the world, all this seems pretty inconsequential. I didn’t plan on being political so soon, but I have to respond to our former reality show host’s latest speech; this time at Mount Rushmore.

He claims we are in a cultural war. He made the same claim when he ran in 2016. This time, he says we are left-wing fascists determined to tear down democracy. This is the same sort of stupid rhetoric he uses regularly. The good news is some of his so-called base isn’t responding. Senior citizens and some women are no longer buying into this. His event at Mount Rushmore was largely attended by people sitting very close together and not wearing masks.

Part of me wants to applaud and suggest that he has more similar rallies around the country. That way, his base will erode further as they die from this mythical disease. That is pure Darwinism. Unfortunately, more than his supporters would suffer. These maskless ignoramuses come into contact with some of the rest of us when they go shopping and visit public places. They could merrily spread the disease they don’t think exists.

The good news is that no president facing reelection and winning has ever had the poor numbers Trump is now showing. It’s not safe to write him off. When he entered the 2016 race, he was 18th in the running. He managed to lie his way to the nomination and election.

Enough about that. Mrs. Lion finished waxing me from head to toe. She did a great job. As she works, she gives a running commentary of what she finds. For example, she said that my crack is nearly hairless, but the surrounding area is very hairy. Aren’t you glad to learn this?

This hair won’t die! Ok, it isn’t very thick, but by all rights it should be gone.

In most places, I seem to be having less regrowth. The regrowth I get is thinner, lighter colored hair. That is, with the exception of the aforementioned area. One little area just above my penis absolutely refuses to die. I had professional laser hair removal over my pubic area about 20 years ago. All of the covered area with the exception of that little patch remains bald to this day. When Mrs. Lion used our home version of the laser process, it did some good work, but still, that little patch stubbornly comes back. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s mutant follicles that resist any effort to stop them from producing fur.

I’ll live. Anyway, we are having sous vide New York strip steaks for dinner. It’s our delayed Independence Day meal. Yesterday, waxing ran late so we had pasta. Tonight it’s steak, tater tots, salad, and a nice vegetable. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m sure Mrs. Lion will report on any sexual activity we have tonight. I’m very sure it may be fun, but it won’t include an orgasm for me.


  1. The hair you’re writing about under the photo, I could barely see it)

    1. Please, people, do not assume that because our dear leader’s numbers are so low that it is okay to not vote. Get out there and vote. It is not someone else’s job.

      Now I will get off of my soap box and let you get back to talk of tiny clothespins, rope, and spanking.

      1. @Lion: I realize this is absolutely not intended to be a political blog in any way, but I understand that things have just gotten so far off course that it’s impossible to stay silent. I guess we (my wife and I) are fascist liberals too.

        @BC Ted: Yes! Only by voting can we repair this calamity.

        1. Author

          It’s sad that things have become so horrible that we have to spend any time thinking about the lunatic in the White House.

    2. Author

      The picture does make it look like it is very thin. I guess it is. It’s just that *no* hair grows elsewhere on my pubes.

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