Ouch Around The Cock

Happy Independence Day!

Thursday night Mrs. Lion went a bit too far with her oral teasing and I had a ruined orgasm. I can’t complain. My last one was in June 2019. Not bad. Neither of us enjoys them, but they are a natural consequence of edging.

Before the sexual portion of the program, I picked from the Box O’Fun. I got “coconut oil handjob”. I asked Mrs. Lion if I could pick a different card. It’s not that I don’t like the feeling of that viscous oil lubing my penis while Mrs. Lion expertly jerks me off, I just wasn’t in the mood.

If she refused to let me pick again, that would have been fine. However, she generously agreed to let me try again. I should have stayed with the coconut oil. My second pick was the dreaded dollhouse clothespins. She laughed. I didn’t.

Mrs. Lion got them out. She teased me until I was fully erect, then she began putting them on the head of my cock. She put on four: one at twelve-o’clock, three-o’clock, six-o’clock, and nine-o’clock. (Picture of the four little clothespins on the head of my penis).

This is the most uncomfortable activity in the Box O’Fun. My previous record was two on the head. I don’t know why but the four on Thursday night weren’t as painful as I remember. I suppose that means Mrs. Lion can put more on next time. At one time we discussed seeing if I could learn to handle a ring of them all the way around the head of my cock.

One of the particularly unpleasant aspects of this particular play is that while it is painful to feel them digging into me, it hurts a lot more when they come off. It’s the sort of diabolical BDSM activity that Mrs. Lion likes.

She enjoys arguing that if I really didn’t like those little clothespins on the head of my penis, I wouldn’t stay hard while they were on. She generally “forgets” to mention that she is busy masturbating me the entire time they are riding on me. I suppose that if I really hated the experience, she couldn’t keep me erect.

Once more my penis betrays me.

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