The Newest Addition to My Punishment Arsenal

Neither of us was in the mood last night. I’ve been very tired. Lion must be too because he’s been snoozing a lot. A trip to the doctor helped wipe him out. I’ve also been dealing with sinus issues. Enough about our whining, the sun is out and it’s a long weekend.

My new rug…um..Lion beater.

I surprised Lion with a new toy yesterday. I didn’t tell him it was coming. The first he knew about it was when I demonstrated it by whomping the bed. I don’t know how I got the idea of a rug beater. I’ve never read anything about them being used on people. I’ve never read much about them at all. It was like a lightbulb went on and I started looking on Amazon.

It’s a little large for Lion’s butt.

One of the first ones I saw had a review that said it wasn’t used for its intended purpose but it was very sturdy. I think that’s the first inkling I got that I was on the right track. Someone else had the same idea I did. And that was a good sign that this particular rug beater could handle Lion’s butt. There were others, of course, but they seemed too long. As it was, I didn’t really have a good concept of how big the head was. It might have said, but I didn’t read it. It definitely won’t be useful to do the actual punishment. I figure it will work as the final few whacks across both cheeks. Maybe it will leave a lasting mark. Maybe it won’t. Maybe just the idea of it making a mark is enough.

I’m just proud of myself for thinking about repurposing something like that. I don’t think Lion ever thought about it. [Lion — Nope, I didn’t] Clearly, other people have. I know I’ve come up with a few of our toys, but nothing this far out of left field. Lion is a little worried. He’s been whacked with rattan canes, but never a rug beater. And to think, he narrowly escaped punishment this morning when he got up before I did and put the coffee pot together. I guess he didn’t want to test out the rug beater this soon. But, as he said, he has plenty of time to get in trouble some other way.

Poor Lion.


  1. I found this so very cool. Usually it is Lion who is working on getting new toys—but the fact that you surprised him with this is marvellous! When I catch up, I’m sure I’ll know more about how effective this is as a paddle.

    1. It hasn’t been used so far. It is gigantic. However, Mrs. Lion does like to surprise me.

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