Spanking Harder Than Ever

I chose a rubber paddle that’s split up the middle for last night’s punishment spanking. I thought maybe the rubber would give more of a thud than a sting and, perhaps, bruise Lion a bit. I know I said I gave up on that goal and I have, for the most part. I also like to change up the paddles I use. We have so many of them, it would be a shame not to have some variety.

Lion was not happy when I picked up the paddle. I don’t know if it was because of the paddle choice or because of the punishment itself. Either way, I had a job to do and he got into position without a word. I told him he needs to learn to remember things. He agreed but thinks he can’t help it. Well, I can’t help it if I have to keep punishing him for forgetting. (Obviously, if it turns out he has an organic reason for forgetting, I won’t beat him.)

I think I started out slow. You’d have to ask him if he agrees with that. [Lion– She did.] The rubber paddle is very mean. I built up to harder swats in no time and he was yelping. He did bleed a little bit, but I think it was less than with the wooden paddle. I’m not sure why that would happen. The edges of the rubber paddle are squarer than the wooden paddle. If anything, I’d think they’d cut into him more.

By the time I was done with him, I’d gotten him very red and I was sure there’d be some bruising. [Lion — There was! It doesn’t hurt to sit, but the marks are there.] Why does it always look like it’s bruising when it isn’t? Damn his tough hide! Okay, maybe I haven’t completely given up on bruising him. It feels like a challenge and I can’t figure it out. The main thing is that I whomped him harder than ever. I have to get my point across. He needs to follow his rules.

This morning, he reminded me of punishment day. Good thing. I didn’t want to have to spank him again. Spanking an already spanked butt is difficult. You have to avoid any bruises (ha!) and any areas that have bled so you don’t exacerbate things. Even after a couple of days, it’s easy to open the same spots. I’d be willing to bet that he bleeds from the same spots no matter how long it is between spankings. I almost want to coat Lion’s butt in something to prevent it from opening up during punishment. We’ve tried panties with no luck. I’m thinking of an adhesive coating I’ve seen in TV medical dramas that, I assume, prevent the incision from splitting open. The problem with that is (ironically) his skin is so sensitive, it would probably cause more harm than the bleeding does. Nope. I just have to make it painfully obvious that Lion needs to follow his rules and eventually I won’t need to punish him over and over again for the same infractions.

We’re going to get some of the memory aid vitamins we see advertised on TV. We can both use them. I think I forget more than Lion does. I have no idea if they will work, but it’s worth a shot.