Stop Squirming!

Apparently Lion needs more “encouragement” to remember things like punishment days. He forgot again on Saturday. The last time he forgot, which I believe was just the Saturday before, I didn’t give him an effective spanking. I thought it was hard enough at the time, but he said it wasn’t. Live and learn. At least, I hope he can. Given the punishment he got last night, I know I can.

Before I started, I made sure he knew he needs to remember punishment day. He said he understood. I didn’t think I started out all that hard, but I was using a meaner paddle. I paused between sets of ten swats as he’d suggested. I didn’t count how many sets I was doing. Soon he was squirming and telling me it was too much. Again, I told him he needs to remember punishment day. He agreed. When the squirming started again, I was struggling to hit him in “approved” spots. I told him if he didn’t hold still, he’d get hit somewhere by accident that would hurt worse. I didn’t tell him we’d have to start over. I figured I’d leave that speech for future squirming. He kept yelping and telling me it was too much.

I don’t think it was too much. It was definitely more than last time, but not too much. Even after his buns turned red I knew it wasn’t too much. He needs to remember. The follow-up punishment to an often-broken rule needs to be harsher. That’s Lion’s Law 101. Eventually, his red skin got somewhat bruised looking. I knew they were surface bruises. Even when the dots of blood appeared, I knew it wasn’t too much.

How am I so sure? He never used his safe word and he’s not really bruised this morning. He has a few sore spots, but no deeper bruises. The bigger question is, was it enough? I’ll have to see if he forgets punishment day again. He remembered today, but Saturday has been his downfall lately. I’ll keep my swatting arm warmed up just in case.

[Lion — Squirming is endorsement that you are making your point. I don’t want to squirm. I can’t help it. I have to agree that apparently I needed more “encouragement” to remember punishment day. I hated every second of this latest dose. I’m going to try to avoid needing another.]

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