Lion informed me that he’d used lotion to soften his buns with the hope that they’d bleed less during his impending punishment. With his being sick for the past few weeks, I forgot all about his lotion regimen. I don’t know if he continued it the whole time or just started again yesterday. Whichever the case, it may or may not have helped.

I decided to spank Lion before I took my shower so he’d have time to recover before we did anything sexual. I guess if I really wanted to separate the punishment from sex, I would have spanked him earlier in the day. However, I’m supposed to be working and I have enough downtime as it is. I didn’t figure I should take more time away to spank him.

Lion’s spanking spoon in action.

I was going to use the bloodwood paddle, but decided against it because the edges are more square than the spoon-shaped paddle I’ve been using. The spoon also has more heft to it. I have a theory that he doesn’t bleed as much with a round-edged paddle. I have no idea if it’s true. I guess I’ll need more experimentation.

This is the second time in a very short span of time that Lion has forgotten to set up the coffee pot. It really doesn’t take very long to do so I don’t mind doing it, but it is a rule. Lion has to learn to follow the rules. In keeping with his idea that punishment for the same offense in a short period of time must be stronger, I whomped harder and longer. I never keep track of how long I spank him. I just go until I think he’s learned his lesson.

To emphasize what rule he’d broken I reminded him just before I started. I’m not sure why he needs this. Can’t he remember which rule he broke? He doesn’t break that many. The one time he was being punished for more than one, I stopped and announced that the beating would begin for infraction number two. Generally, he doesn’t have more than one rule broken at a time. And given the fact that I was punishing him within hours of breaking it, shouldn’t he know? But he’s told me in the past that it’s more poignant if I tell him. Maybe it’s like being in front of a judge when they read the charges. It’s so much worse to hear them out loud.

This is the bloodwood paddle. Lion usually bleeds more when I use it.

So I set about swatting him and he was squirming and yelping right from the beginning. I don’t think he exaggerates so I believe it really did hurt. I just can’t figure out why. I thought I started off not hitting so hard. Judging from his response and the fact that his buns were red almost immediately, I guess I was hitting hard. I wonder if the paddle is harsher than I thought. Next time I’ll try the bloodwood paddle to see if there’s much difference.

From the looks of his butt, I’d think he had some bruising. Toward the end, he started bleeding from one little spot. Sometimes I stop at that point, but since it was his second offense, I kept going. You’d think he’d be sore today. I don’t think he is. [Lion — I’m not.] I’ll need to improve my technique. I don’t care so much about bruising him. I just want him to feel it the next day. Maybe that means I do have to bruise him, but I don’t think so. I’ve spanked him hard enough for him to feel it the next day without leaving a bruise. Oh well. If I didn’t get my message across, I’m sure he’ll be forgetting the coffee pot again relatively soon.

Symbolic Lion Receptiveness Meter at “Ready to Go”. Click here to see my real “meter”.

We both have difficulty initiating sexual activity. My inability to do it is partially responsible for Mrs. Lion’s loss of libido. I feel horrible about that. She has difficulty too. A few months ago she bought a red-light-green-light toy that I could use to signal my receptiveness. Mrs. Lion never instituted its use.

When we worked in different places, I would often give her a lion “weather report” indicating my level of sexual interest. After a while, that didn’t work either. Yesterday, in her post (“Zooming Along “) she wondered if enough time had passed from my last orgasm for her to assume I am receptive to BDSM play (Her Box O’Fun). That made me realize we need a more direct way to determine my willingness. Obviously, the easiest is to just ask me. That is difficult for her, just as it is hard for me to tell her I want to play. We need a ritual.

I come with built-in “receptiveness meter”. A couple of minutes of weenie massage resulting in an erection is a perfectly reliable indication of my interest. Even a partial erection is enough to signal my receptiveness to BDSM play. Mrs. Lion usually says that she sees no point in BDSM play if I’m not “interested”. I might argue that if she wants to make this activity a regular thing, my interest meter is irrelevant. If she is achy or otherwise indisposed, she simply doesn’t take a meter reading.

We both do well with following through if we agree to make the activity mandatory. A perfect example is punishment. If I break a rule or upset her, I know that I will be spanked. Yesterday I forgot to set up the coffee pot. A spanking is happening. Sometimes if she is very tired or achy, the spanking is postponed a day or so. I will get it when she is ready. There is no escape. That’s how we both want it.

I think we have to be unrelenting with BDSM and sex. Both of us are entirely too ready to find excuses to put off the Box O’Fun or other activities like edging. We both agree that it’s important for us to be sexually active. Right now BDSM or even penis stimulation is infrequent. We both said that we think that unless one or both of us is under the weather, we should be doing something six out of every seven days.

Could we actually do this? I think so if we are flexible in what activities are chosen. Mrs. Lion can decide to do something minimal like some velcro or clothespins on my cock and balls. Or she could simply apply the vibrator for a while. Another low energy activity is the butt plug. We have a large collection of them. The idea is to do something sexual. It’s an important connection for us. We both are more content and even sleep better if we are sexually active.

Punishment isn’t supposed to count as sexual activity. In most respects it isn’t. However, it is a physical activity we share. Even though Mrs. Lion says she is neutral about spanking me and I absolutely hate those disciplinary spankings, they are physical contact between us. Mrs. Lion’s effort to correct me is definitely a sign of her love. My willingness to accept a very painful spanking is a sign of mine. Maybe that’s a good reason to do maintenance spankings (same as disciplinary) if I go too long unspanked.

I’m digressing. I propose that Mrs. Lion check my “interest meter” on a daily basis as a good way to determine my level of interest.. Of course she can disregard the “reading” and play anyway (or not play) if she wants. I think that either way, a daily Lion meter check is a good habit for both of us. What do you think?

Lion has a series of eye drops that he needs every day. He takes more at night than in the morning. One of them is every other day. I have a hard time remembering if I gave him that one yesterday or is it supposed to be given today. We’ll have to work out a way to keep track. Apparently Lion needs a way to keep track of things too. This morning he told me it was punishment day. I thanked him for remembering. However, when I went to make breakfast, the coffee pot was still in pieces in the dish drainer. Oops. He says he was positive he put it together.

*BUZZ* Nope. Sorry.

As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that the simplest thing he could do would be to put one of our cameras in the kitchen facing the coffee pot. That way he could check on himself without actually venturing into the kitchen. We have a camera facing the yard, but I guess the window glass doesn’t allow it to work correctly. We could take that camera and point it at the coffee pot. Anytime he wonders if he did it, he can check it out. Then the only obstacle is remembering to check it.

A camera to look at the coffee pot might seem silly, but we used to have a camera watching the washer and dryer. In the house we moved out of last year, the laundry room was in the basement. You couldn’t always hear the end signal. And they were fairly quiet machines. I’d go down to see if it was done and there’d be five minutes left. We jokingly refer to washer and dryer minutes as football minutes. You know, when five minutes on the game clock last another half-hour because of time outs or commercial breaks. So we set up a camera to avoid running downstairs when it wasn’t time. That’s what made me think of the coffee camera.

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll whomp his cute little tush, but he’ll have some sore buns by bedtime. Since it’s his second offense in a short time, I can either swat him harder or longer. Or both. I haven’t decided which way to go yet, but if Lion’s smart he’ll put that coffee pot together for tomorrow and get that camera set up. I’ve done all I can to help him. It’s on him now.

[Lion — Good idea using a camera. I feel that might be cheating. Shouldn’t I learn to do this without visual aids?]

Here I am with full body waxing

Male pubic hair: like it or lose it?

If you asked this question 15 years ago, chances are good that both men and women would vote to keep it. In those days a lot of people equated male body hair with masculinity. Men without body hair were somehow “feminine”. This idea has faded along with the 45 RPM record. Body hair, particularly pubic hair, has fallen out of fashion.

Manscaping isn’t an all-or-nothing practice. It can range from a simple pubic trim to full body waxing. Here are some of the more popular styles:

Bare Balls
Keeping the boys hairless is one of the most popular manscaping activities. Women generally react negatively to hairy balls.  Some don’t like balls at all. That’s their problem. I want to keep mine. Shaving and waxing are the best ways to keep the boys in the pink. Chemical and laser hair removal are extremely painful down there. I had laser treatments. Even with a topical anesthetic, the treatments burned like hell.

Waxing only hurts the first couple of treatments. Each treatment keeps the hair away for about a month. Over time, the hair grows back thinner.
This is how Mrs. Lion does me.

The Trim Almost all women surveyed (over 80%) preferred trimmed male pubes to wild bushes. Before I went Brazillian I trimmed to about 1-inch. I liked the look. At one point I stopped trimming and my partner at the time was upset at all the hair. She tied me to the bed and shaved off all of my pubic hair. Obviously she had strong preferences. Once a week as long as we were together she shaved my front and back. I kept it up since then. Had I kept trimming I probably would still have hair down there.

Neatly trimmed pubic hair sends a message of good personal hygiene and grooming. Any length under three inches gets good marks.

Do the Samba Since I have frequently bottomed, hair can get in the way in front and in back. A Brazillian is the removal of all pubic hair as well as any hair on the ass and in the crack.  We didn’t know it at the time, but that is what my partner gave me. I like the way it looks. It also has practical benefits. Removing crack hair makes it much easier to stay clean back there. The hair picks up stuff when you poop. Bare skin is easier to keep clean. There is a downside: Farts are louder without the muffling effect of hair.

If you want to wear a chastity device or cock ring, pubic hair gets pulled and tangled in the hardware. Staying bare there not only improves how you look when wearing a device, it also avoids those nasty hair tugs when the hardware gets tangled in your pubes.

Chest and Pits For the longest time I restricted my manscaping to the Brazillian. At one point not too long ago, I wondered how I would look with a hairless chest. My chest and tummy never had all that much hair, at least that’s what I thought. Mrs. Lion waxed me in front and I was surprised and delighted by the results. I discovered my nipples are very small. The hair made them appear larger. I like them better hairless. I think the smooth front looks very nice. Mrs. Lion doesn’t care either way. Oh well.

I also asked her to wax my arm pits. Every so often I had trimmed and sometimes shaved my pits. The hair is very light and straight. I never liked how it looked. Having them hairless initially worried me that I would look too feminine. After a short time, I decided that I don’t care. I like the look. It looks clean to me.

Back and Shoulders Even back in the old days, men had their backs shaved. Very few women like hairy backs. Fortunately, mine has never been hairy. Mrs. Lion waxes my back and shoulders when she does the rest of me. It keeps the look uniform.

My legs are hairy. I never liked the contrast between my hairless pubes and butt and the hairy legs.

Legs Until recently, I never did anything with my leg hair. I have pretty hairy legs. The only manscaping there was removing the hair on my thighs about halfway to my knees. That looks better with the Brazillian. The start of hair contrasting with bare skin elsewhere looked a bit odd to me. I asked Mrs. Lion to wax my legs. My thighs look much better without hair. My knees and below look a bit strange to me. Mrs. Lion can’t decide which way she likes them best. I lean toward keeping my legs hairless too. However, I’m fine being hairy there if that’s what she prefers.

The general consensus is that men should do some manscaping. At the least a pubic trim is in order. Hairless balls are generally appreciated. Beyond that, it is a matter of taste. I like the way I look now. Mrs. Lion likes the look too. Manscaping is a good topic for a couple to discuss. If you haven’t talked about it, bring it up. It may cost you some hair.